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Synonyms for angst

Synonyms for angst

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an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety

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A similar scenario played out in the second experiment, where some people were primed for angst by watching a clip from the David Lynch short film series "Rabbits.
convenience store on campus or within walking distance, says Arthur Angst, associate vice president for business compliance.
In a nutshell: Self-conscious performances do not help this overly talky look into the life of a teenage Korean-American girl who cannot overcome the sorrow and angst she feels over the death of her mother.
With this installation, Gallucci's work took an unexpected turn, injecting angst as well as humor into the discourse accompanying Minimalist reinterpretation (e.
Wendy Angst, General Manager of the new Personal Health Management Division of Bio-Imaging, stated, "Everyone at CapMed is excited by this acquisition.
TEEN ANGST NGST You're right to wait to have sex - there is absolutely no rush.
Bresnahan makes the characters feel real, the teen angst tangible but different depending on whether the person is human or other.
Set in the mid-1960s, ``The Price'' is essentially a cathartic confrontation between soon-to-retire police sergeant Victor (Geoff Elliott) and successful surgeon Walter (Robertson Dean), two middle-age brothers who attempt to assuage decades of unresolved angst on the occasion of the sale of their dead father's furniture.
Their torrid summer romance allows Eugenides to revisit the world of adolescent angst he explored so well in The Virgin Suicides.
Making Ballet, James Kudelka's wry comment on tutus and creative angst, brought humor (and fleeting phrases from Balanchine's Theme and Variations) to the stage amid a flurry of cascading white feathers.
His figures are lacquered over with a false lushness, in which we are supposed to understand that scumble stands for angst, odd angles of vision for alienation.
From "I Believe" (an anthem to the power of positive loving) to the country-as-dirt, rompin' good time "Sunday Social," to the high angst of "The Hardest Part Of Hurtin' (Is The Hope)," Gibson's hallmark imagery, insightful lyrics and melodic hooks are evident.
Social satire and the concept of zombies evolving make this look and feel very much like a George A Romero sequel, but director Jon Levine (50/50, The Wackness) employs enough comedy and teen angst to keep things refreshingly breezy.
Under the imaginative direction of Michael Clark Haney, a capable five- member ensemble moves adroitly through more than 40 short works that aptly demonstrate the humor and the angst of one of America's true literary icons.
Scoot Over, Skinny: The Fat Nonfiction Anthology is packed with angst, observation, admonition, humor, and serious reflection by such notable writers as Anne Lamott and David Sedaris.