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Synonyms for angst

Synonyms for angst

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an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety

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"Angst" screens in schools and communities across the world.
In many ways, this room served as the heart of Angst. Performers entered and withdrew from their "stage" through its back door during the performances, reclined on the mattresses, and formed impenetrable, close-knit groups that spatially dissociated them from observers.
He will work with Angst during a transition period that will last through the end of the year.
* Lloyd Dobler, Say Anything Angst: Pursue career as professional kickboxer or the girl he loves?
It's damn thick, and full of stories of youthful angst and thievery among other topics, plus comics, drawings, and some photos (including a few skate flicks).
Bruno Angst, a well-known member of the Brazilian and International coffee trade passed away in Santos, Brazil after a short illness.
Scoot Over, Skinny: The Fat Nonfiction Anthology is packed with angst, observation, admonition, humor, and serious reflection by such notable writers as Anne Lamott and David Sedaris.
Robinson's imitation of Little Caeser alchemize to produce a show that pits postmodern identity angst against vaudevillian shtick--a little song, a little dance, even a little juggling.
It requires great trust and a willingness to believe that this angst will not last forever.
Murdoch's decision to move not only provoked a standoff over corporate governance that almost derailed his plans, but has also triggered plenty of angst in a country whose relatively small population and geographical isolation make it prone to fears of marginalization.
Let's face it, most films about teen angst are often of interest only to teens experiencing angst.
Along similar lines it appears that the teen angst music fan-base of Muse-inspired screeching is no longer restricted to the pubescent at heart.
Well, get ready to be inspired, because we've got Angst: Teen Verses from the Edge ($8.95, Workman), an anthology of outspoken poetry by teen girls.
Kid's letter expresses the angst shared by many medically savvy marathoners, reaching back to the case of Phidippides as the sport's first fatality.
It was therefore with a mixture of relief and angst that it greeted the news that Volkswagen was to establish a car plant there--relief as it would bring jobs and capital but angst because the plant was being set up in the city center of all places.