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Synonyms for angriness

the state of being angry


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In the current study, the common borderline personality traits as experienced by patients were fear of people loss, feelingof inferiority, irritability, impulsivity, unmanageable mood shifts and angriness in the presence of others and transformed into a 4-point self-report scale.
In the Imam Ali (AS)'s speech, it has been said some social works for angriness; some works that paying attention to it, exhibits pietism necessity in this life status.
In the current scenario the provincial government cannot afford the angriness of the MPAs so at the moment it is in the fuss on the issue of shaping the new cabinet.
Apply a spot cream to pimples to reduce angriness and dry them up.
It's great to put on shoulders or anywhere which has got a bit red and sore in the sun, when you've got that lobster pink skin its good for taking that angriness away.
" The club have been fantastic in understanding the reasons why, and there's never been any angriness in any of the discussions.
This is not just because of the sheer angriness expressed by Seaton and Smith, but because of the way in which the anger and resentment of these characters is targeted at post-war cultural change in Britain.
"Some people take the huff but it gave me a real angriness inside, a determination.
But when mad waves spring, braceletted with foam, towards us in the angriness of love crying a strange name, tossing as they come repeated invitations in the gay exuberance of unexplained desire, we can forget the sad splendour and play at wilfulness until the gods require renewed inevitable hopeless calm and the foam dies and we again subside into our catalepsy, dreaming foam, while the dry shore awaits another tide.
We were fussing and fuming at each other again, and our angriness got the better of us both, and then we didn't talk again for a long time.
The three-bench judge of apex court headed by Justice Mian Saqib Nisar heard the case and expressed grave angriness over the absence of Chairman FBR during the hearing.
He said delaying in registration of FIR of blasphemy case is going to the cause of increasing of angriness of millions of Pakistani Muslims.
On this Federal Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi expressed his angriness and said that ECC should accept or reject the LNG project and not held us responsible.