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a person who hates England and everything English

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Can anyone imagine that his turn from Anglophile to Anglophobe at the end of the 1890s was not caused primarily by John Bull's (in Kuyper's eyes) imperial aggressions against the doughty Boers?
Epitomized by the anti-Semite and Anglophobe Amin al-Husseini, the militants wanted nothing less than total halt to immigration and an end to the Jewish Home.
Besides, this aspect of the novel can disturb only a pedant, a purist, or an Anglophobe.
In March 1940 the Anglophobe Prime Minister Rashid Ali sought covert links with the Axis powers, British defeats in Norway and France, Italy's posturing in Libya, confirmed impressions that British power had or was about to be eclipsed.
One was quickly solved: Admiral Darlan, Vichyite and Anglophobe, was assassinated.
Yet even Anglophobe Platini is distancing himself from French president Nicholas Sarkozy's plans to centralise control of European sport, which will today be discussed by European sports ministers in Biarritz, France.
In the guide to the various point-to-point courses, we are informed that travellers to Trecoed 'should beware of Anglophobe radar-toting Welsh policemen lurking on the M4'.
IN response to PM of Heaton, I am a little tired of the Scottish people's antagonism towards the English and can I suggest if PM is an Anglophobe that he or she goes to live in Scotland.
His rumoured Anglophobe sentiments were probably non-existent, and his general sentiments had not yet matured and were changeable: "But herein lies a danger .
But while Voltaire's influence on England's public image was important enough, its principal legacy has been to serve as a flattering mirror in which the English themselves have preened ever since, for on the continent the French Revolution and the excesses of the Terror soon brought about an Anglophobe reaction, with Voltaire and the English liberty he championed perceived as far more radical than in fact they ever were.
Three English sides have made the Champions League semi-finals and surely that would convince even the most ardent Anglophobe that, at this moment in time, the Premership can stake a genuine claim to being the No.
But Cosmatos was always a devoted Anglophobe, installing a red British telephone box in his back garden when he settled in Victoria, British Columbia (where else?
Both England defenders remain key components in his long-term plans, and I think we can safely take it as read that the Frenchman is not pursuing some sort of Anglophobe agenda in his recruitment policy.
Frankly I would rather play without a keeper, or Lindsay Hamilton, which might be the same thing, than ask an Englishman to be the guardian of our nets and not because I am some kind of raving Anglophobe.
In November 1917 Bertie facetiously asked incoming foreign minister Pichon "how our Xenophobe and anglophobe friend Berthelot was getting on.