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a person who hates England and everything English

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Like many Australians, I was easy meat, with an identity largely derived from an outpost British culture whose substitution by post-war Americana was welcomed by my Anglophobe parents.
Notwithstanding his fervour for justice through militant action, much of Arnold's early Anglophobe bias modified later when he was exposed to a more sophisticated urban society in Philadelphia and Boston.
Within a year, however, the Anglophobe Rashid Ali had seized power.
Can anyone imagine that his turn from Anglophile to Anglophobe at the end of the 1890s was not caused primarily by John Bull's (in Kuyper's eyes) imperial aggressions against the doughty Boers?
When Ferguson himself quotes the 1906 Chancellor Prince Bernhard von Bulow as "effectively postponing the idea of a preventive war until 'a cause arose which would inspire the German people'" and calls this a sign of the Prince's nonmilitarism; or when he writes that under restricted U-boat warfare, ships were sunk without warning only "if they were believed to be carrying war supplies to Britain"; or when he mysteriously states that the coveted "blightly wounds" (light wounds that were nevertheless serious enough to require hospitalization in England) proved not that British soldiers liked to get away from the frontline but that they had a Freudian affinity to "murder and death," I am tempted to label him a Germanophile and an Anglophobe.
Epitomized by the anti-Semite and Anglophobe Amin al-Husseini, the militants wanted nothing less than total halt to immigration and an end to the Jewish Home.
An Anglophobe explained that the English are atheists.
Besides, this aspect of the novel can disturb only a pedant, a purist, or an Anglophobe.
In March 1940 the Anglophobe Prime Minister Rashid Ali sought covert links with the Axis powers, British defeats in Norway and France, Italy's posturing in Libya, confirmed impressions that British power had or was about to be eclipsed.
As France fell in weeks to the Nazi Blitzkrieg, a Francophone Winston Churchill and (astonishingly) an Anglophobe Charles de Gaulle then a rising young general and minister--even cooked up a desperate plan to join the two nations in a single state to continue the war against Hitler.
One was quickly solved: Admiral Darlan, Vichyite and Anglophobe, was assassinated.
Yet even Anglophobe Platini is distancing himself from French president Nicholas Sarkozy's plans to centralise control of European sport, which will today be discussed by European sports ministers in Biarritz, France.
In the guide to the various point-to-point courses, we are informed that travellers to Trecoed 'should beware of Anglophobe radar-toting Welsh policemen lurking on the M4'.
IN response to PM of Heaton, I am a little tired of the Scottish people's antagonism towards the English and can I suggest if PM is an Anglophobe that he or she goes to live in Scotland.
For the Anglophobe Jefferson this must have been a horrible thought, even if it was a bluff.