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a person who hates England and everything English

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But the Dutchman rolled around like a B-movie actress (more Doris than Dorus you might say), the crowd erupted in Anglophobe fury and Mr Sutton predictably bowed to public pressure.
The US Ambassador to Britain, Joseph Kennedy, a well-known Anglophobe who thought many of the men at the meeting epitomised all that was hopeless and old fashioned about Britain, wrote an account based on a discussion with Chamberlain many months later.
29, 1811) (describing Calhoun as an open Anglophobe), reprinted in 1 THE PAPERS OF JOHN C.
Clark, an Anglophobe who openly criticized his boss, General Harold Alexander, and his fellow army commander, Bernard Montgomery, held the belief that his British allies lacked "strong aggressive leadership at the division level." Unfortunately for the war effort in general and the campaigns in Italy in particular, these sentiments were returned in kind by the British, leading to what threatened to become, at times, serious rents in the delicate fabric of the alliance.
Like many Australians, I was easy meat, with an identity largely derived from an outpost British culture whose substitution by post-war Americana was welcomed by my Anglophobe parents.
Notwithstanding his fervour for justice through militant action, much of Arnold's early Anglophobe bias modified later when he was exposed to a more sophisticated urban society in Philadelphia and Boston.
Within a year, however, the Anglophobe Rashid Ali had seized power.
Can anyone imagine that his turn from Anglophile to Anglophobe at the end of the 1890s was not caused primarily by John Bull's (in Kuyper's eyes) imperial aggressions against the doughty Boers?
Generally, Carducci is quite the Anglophobe: his introduction lets loose the stinging aphorism, "Rock is dead in America about as often as it lives in England." After heavyweights like Sabbath and Zep, he claims, Brit rock lost touch with the blues source; Limey bands reverted to their innate state of rhythmic ignorance, resulting in postpunk guitar outfits that sounded more like "electric busking" than rock, and in synth-pop units with drum machines.
Epitomized by the anti-Semite and Anglophobe Amin al-Husseini, the militants wanted nothing less than total halt to immigration and an end to the Jewish Home.
An Anglophobe explained that the English are atheists.
loathsome"--an "Anglophobe harridan, and a mixture between Irene Worth and Eleanor Roosevelt" who reminds him of a hated governess of his youth.
Besides, this aspect of the novel can disturb only a pedant, a purist, or an Anglophobe. For the rest of us, the English interjections only add zest and humor.
In March 1940 the Anglophobe Prime Minister Rashid Ali sought covert links with the Axis powers, British defeats in Norway and France, Italy's posturing in Libya, confirmed impressions that British power had or was about to be eclipsed.
As France fell in weeks to the Nazi Blitzkrieg, a Francophone Winston Churchill and (astonishingly) an Anglophobe Charles de Gaulle then a rising young general and minister--even cooked up a desperate plan to join the two nations in a single state to continue the war against Hitler.