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fishing with a hook and line (and usually a pole)

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The study lasted seven months and angling took place from boats on 101 days using common pike tackle including natural baits, spoons, and soft plastics on jigs.
Angling Cymru, The Angling Trust, CLA Cymru, the Countryside Alliance, Fish Legal and the Welsh Salmon and Trout Association came together last November to form The Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru (SACC) to challenge the access proposals before they have a chance to take shape in a green paper, the publication of which has been delayed.
Whether you''re a newcomer wondering where to begin or a seasoned pro looking for an update of the angling scene then this is the column for you.
Praise and thanks must go to members of the farming community and the many riparian owners who generously let their fishing rights to local angling clubs on a lease or rent basis - thus ensuring there is always that local input.
HOW TO ENTER Win great prizes worth over PS50 FANCY netting a superb People/Davies Angling goody bag, stuffed with all the important bits of terminal tackle that really matter when you've got a fish on?
The course was organised by the Friends of Hemlington Lake, and the Hooked on Fishing scheme, an organisation that teaches angling skills to young people in the Teesside area.
In association with the Angling Trust and British Waterways and Environment Agency, the event will provide a safe, fun and relaxed environment for angling.
Argus angling writer NORMAN WORTH gives you special coverage of Midland and rational angling .
The heaviest, just 1oz short of 3lb, was caught by William Watson, of the ABC&D Angling Club.
The two unique features of this roller are a softer rubber covering and angling of the grooves in the roll.
ANGLERS are urged to go along and show their support for the sport at the Angling Exhibition at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay on Wednesday.
It was the beginning of a partnership forged between the national governing bodies of the three angling disciplines in Wales - ie coarse, game and sea angling.
IT seems you all want to win one of The People/ Davies Angling goody bags.