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make English in appearance


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Reading Edgeworth in terms of her references to France and French writing offers a useful context for her attempts to construct an Enlightened position for women in the emergent ideologies of nationalism, and particularly for revisiting existing notions which link Edgeworth's representation of domestic settings with an attempt to anglicize (civilize) Ireland in the wake of the Union.
Similarly, young francophones outside Quebec may anglicize on an individual basis, then raise their children in English.
These activities in turn produced conflict with the elite leadership of the established Anglo-Jewish society, whose efforts to reform and anglicize the newcomers reflected both the general attitudes of the propertied classes toward the problems of poverty and their own social insecurities as Jews.
The consequence of her white blood could neither Anglicize Ellen the chattel nor deliver her and her children from the fate of enslavement.
Anglicize your name (don't expect anyone to make the effort to
De Zoete did have a tendency to Anglicize more than was necessary.
Interestingly, she refused to change or anglicize her surname though she does no t explain the reason why.
An Irish play by an Irish playwright, "Translations" is set in the village of Balie Beag in County Donegal, where in 1833 British Army engineers have arrived to map out the land and Anglicize every Gaelic place name.
About 20 years ago, the trend in the media was to get broadcasters to Anglicize their names.
These editors Anglicize everything from drug doses to American slang into the British equivalent.
More compelling was the desire, common to many immigrants in the early decades of the twentieth century, to obliterate the past by assuming a new identity, as Kristjan does when he anglicizes his name and becomes Christian.