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make English in appearance


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I would quibble more vigorously with the choice by the translator and the press to anglicize beautiful Italian names--but only when there was a simple English equivalent--giving us Leonard Bruni, Lawrence Valla, and John Boccaccio, but also Guarino Guarini, Cola di Rienzo, and Coluccio Salutati.
I believe that deep down Betjeman was driven by an obscure urge to say goodbye to his Dutch ancestry and Anglicize himself as thoroughly as it could be done.
Her femaleness is insistently inflected by culture, class, sexuality and the imperatives of a stubborn home-grown anti-colonialism: "I am the result of the disolution of blood lines and the theft of language; and yet, I am a testimony to the failure of the United States to totally anglicize its mestizo citizens." Looking south, she sees herself in an inescapably international feminist context - but the "discussion" she seeks is primarily one among indigenas and Latinas.
The nineteenth century's school was supposed to Anglicize immigrant children.
On Monday, the island's council will vote on a plan to protect the Welsh language be encouraging people not to anglicize the names of their houses.
London, July 2 (ANI): A telesales firm, owned by Indians in Britain has been found guilty of race discrimination for forcing an Indian employee to anglicize his name.
It is no great surprise that women letter writers seem to Anglicize less quickly than men, but some illuminating illustrations of the importance of the participant relationship for linguistic choices in letter writing also inform this analysis.
These activities in turn produced conflict with the elite leadership of the established Anglo-Jewish society, whose efforts to reform and anglicize the newcomers reflected both the general attitudes of the propertied classes toward the problems of poverty and their own social insecurities as Jews.
The consequence of her white blood could neither Anglicize Ellen the chattel nor deliver her and her children from the fate of enslavement.
As well as manufacturing food the site will develop new products and 'Anglicize' Japanese snack products.