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make English in appearance


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As a mere mortal, I admit to being stumped at the precise meaning of the play, which I had initially understood to be about the conqueror stifling the conquered nation by Anglicising their place names.
Donegal during the 1830s must endure the advances of the English Government as it sets about Anglicising Irish place names.
The English are in the area mapping the country, and anglicising the ``unpronounceable'' Irish place names.
She fought a rearguard action to preserve the Welsh language and culture, in rapidly industrialising and anglicising Gwent.
Finally, why do these two respondents insist upon Anglicising my name?
The anglicising trend that started with the gentry in the early 16th century spread through the entire country and continued for the next 300 years.
Thankfully our highway authorities have long since shunned the practice of Anglicising place names on road signs.