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make English in appearance


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I feel it is incumbent on all people of this country to call places by their rightful names and not to anglicise them for the sake of television.
The railway development also had a linguistic impact on the area with the Great Western Railway choosing to anglicise the name of the town to Aberayron, which became its accepted spelling until in 1965 the Welsh spelling Aberaeron was formally adopted.
Labour education spokeswoman Helen Liddell claimed he was trying to "Anglicise and destroy" the education system.
Then there's that creeping tendency to Anglicise the ancient Celtic name of Llyn, for example, a name sharing its roots with that of the Irish province of Leinster.
They are hoping to anglicise an area at the bottom of the Rue de Nuneaton with a profusion of roses and box edging.
I believe there is a determined campaign afoot, organised by the Westminster Government, to Anglicise Wales in order to prevent any prospect of us ever becoming a free nation.