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They know all the angles, which is probably why they call them angleworms.
Genz baits up with angleworms, waxworms, panfish leeches, or plastics.
The radioactive substance was detected in indoor-farmed seema salmon fed with angleworms and other aquatic organisms with high cesium levels, according to officials at Fukushima Prefecture's inland water fisheries experiment station in the town of Inawashiro.
The experiments, conducted last August and from December to January this year, involved feeding the salmon with angleworms and aquatic insects collected from the no-entry zone and its vicinity around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as well as mixed feed made with common skete, a type of ray, caught in sea waters off the prefecture.
After being fed angleworms containing about 3,000 becquerels of radiation per kilogram and aquatic insects with 1,550 becquerels for one month last August, an average of 139 becquerels of cesium was detected in two seemas, against the government's limit of 100 becquerels for food.
They had come a long difficult journey, and now when the journey was nearly finished, and they learned that the main thing they had come for had ceased to exist, they didn't do as horses or cats or angleworms would probably have done-turn back and get at something profitable-no, anxious as they had before been to see the miraculous fountain, they were as much as 40 times as anxious now to see the place where it used to be.
Swartz and Henry went in an alley and dug angleworms.
After enjoying a day of fishing on one of the many lakes in the author's home state, you wonder what to do with left-over angleworms.
5 percent; miscellaneous animals such as sowbugs, snails, and angleworms made up the balance of the animal matter, 1.
Known as angleworms, dewworms, gardenworms, nightcrawlers, rainworms, ground, and red worms, earthworms are especially plentiful in old lawns and wild grasslands.
I didn't tell my friend what he ate were last week's angleworms, unless maybe it was the bloodsuckers.
This dysenteric discourse--which takes place just before a lunch specified as "Grant's gazelle chops, mashed potatoes, green corn, and then mixed fruit for-dessert" (29)--also regales its readers with a bizarre menu of food metaphors, beginning with Kandinsky's Heinz ketchup, moving to "plums in a pudding" and his criticism of the raisin-like "small, dried" (20) Unitarians, taking in writers in New York City, "[a]ll angleworms in a bottle, trying to derive .
The point is that while writing off the superfluous rhetoric of a Melville and the slop written by commercially-motivated authors Hemingway caps Kandinsky's Heinz ketchup metaphor with tropes of his own, some of them (like New York writers compared to angleworms in a bottle) even more brilliantly contrived than his guest's.
And are we to understand the put-downs of the brilliant people in Paris and the New York angleworms as the true gen, conferred on us by this brilliantly satiric insider, or as loose slop vented in the manner of ambitious writers, who wish only to sell books on the strength of their literary fame?
No doubt there is a reference here to the cannibalistic New York angleworms trying to derive nourishment from each other, for they, as Hemingway says of the hyena, are "self-eating devourer[s] of the dead .