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fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey

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9 m (85 ft) to undertake a single trawl anglerfish survey of the northern North Sea.
Improving the quality of information on Scottish anglerfish fisheries: making use of fishers' data.
Tongue-eating crustaceans, anglerfish and humans at least descend from a common ancestor at the same origin of life, but Toomey chronicles the search for life from some entirely separate event, perhaps with unimagined chemistry.
The tail of a whole ingested prey fish, can be seen through the distended belly of the ceratioid anglerfish at the lower left in the figure.
The rare Atlantic football fish, or anglerfish, was dragged from the deep by Irish trawlermen fishing off Rockall.
While other anglerfish change their coloring depending on the environment, the new species appears to maintain its wild striping no matter the surroundings.
The scaly dragonfish and anglerfish rely on a bioluminescent lure, a fleshy appendage illuminated by millions of light-producing bacteria living inside, to "fish" for food.
A single specimen of the deep sea anglerfish Acentrophryne has been reported from the Chalk Hill area (Pietsch and Lavenberg 1980).
Deep-sea anglerfish have such a bizarre reproductive strategy that it was difficult to discover.
One popular subject of school filmstrips from years past and cable documentaries of today is a deep-sea creature called the anglerfish, whose lighted lure attracts inquisitive smaller fish, which soon become dinner.
There are a host of visual or voice gags for the underwater creatures encountered during the search, many coming too fast for this reviewer, who couldn't name all the varieties of fish in the dentist's tank and wasn't always sure whether he was observing anemones, rays, jellyfish or a previously unknown species caned the anglerfish.
According to Alastair Graham, manager of the Australian National Fish Collection (ANFC) at CSIRO Marine Research in Hobart, anglerfish get their name from the `fishing rod-like' structure (illicium) that grows out from their forehead.
Rare creatures such as the magnificent blue whale and the bizarre deep-sea anglerfish have been brilliantly captured on film," he says.
Pietsch shows me a specimen of Ceratioid, the deep-sea anglerfish, which for 20 years has been the focus of his research.
Key species traded were trout, salmon, sole, tuna "bonite," cod, sardine, mackerel, hake, anchovy, bream and anglerfish.