angler fish

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fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey

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CUTLINE: (1) Jason Kimball at his Westminster restaurant, Angler Fish Market and Chowder Co.
That's where an angler fish gets its name by raising a spiny ray from the dorsal fin and waving it around like the tip of a fishing rod.
The Director of the Dingle Aquarium, Mara Beo, Kevin Flannery, said: "These Angler fish were used as inspiration for the Alien film because they were just so weird looking.
Santa Fe Shipping and Plymouth Shipping took the illegal hake and angler fish ``at the stroke of a pen''.
Their greatest coup, however, was discovering a hideous creature they named the Hairy Angler Fish, 20 inches across and completely new to science.
And it would be a real shock to the system if you came across the fearsome-looking angler fish.
The Case of the Disappearing Seagull is no mystery if an angler fish is prowling near the surface.