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forming or set at an angle

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SHOTS AT ANIMALS over level ground are ideal, but if you hunt from a treestand or in the mountains, you will face many steeply angled shots, and you must know how to compensate.
The new designs lean heavily on GKN's in-house forging and machining capabilities to produce both the S-shaped and radial offset tracks used on its Countertrack CVJ and the combination of angled and straight tracks found on its Crosstrack ball plunging CVJs.
Tailback -- take an angled course to the 6 hole and run right down the middle of the alley created by the angled blocking.
To change elevation, an angled connector (30 [degrees] or 45 [degrees]) is interchanged with a straight connector.
Most OEMs have adopted angled overhead lighting with an angled viewing perch, as presented in the Detroit Colour Council Bulletin No.