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forming or set at an angle

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To overcome this, a goniolens (Figure 2, page 42) is used as it removes the cornea-air interface and (with the use of an angled mirror) allows the angle to be visualised.
Yet we have see that such shots may often have the same goal angle, and indeed sometimes the angled shot may be easier when viewed in these terms.
SHOTS AT ANIMALS over level ground are ideal, but if you hunt from a treestand or in the mountains, you will face many steeply angled shots, and you must know how to compensate.
It's a short piece of 2x4 with an angled end and a 1-1/4-in.
"We've thrown out the rulebook for constant velocity joint design," says Al Deane, global engineering manager, GKN Driveline Driveshafts, "because the generic limits of the Rzeppa joint currently in use have been reached while our customers continue to ask for more torque capacity in a smaller package." The new designs lean heavily on GKN's in-house forging and machining capabilities to produce both the S-shaped and radial offset tracks used on its Countertrack CVJ and the combination of angled and straight tracks found on its Crosstrack ball plunging CVJs.