angle-closure glaucoma

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glaucoma in which the iris blocks the outflow of aqueous humor

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People with angle-closure glaucoma tend to have a smaller-than-average anterior chamber, and the angle between the iris and the cornea where the aqueous humor drains is also smaller.
Long-term administration of methazolamide is contraindicated in patients with angle-closure glaucoma, since organic closure of the angle may occur in spite of lowered intraocular pressure.
Dorzolamide has not been studied in patients with acute angle-closure glaucoma.
Types of Glaucoma Open-Angle Glaucoma Angle-Closure Glaucoma Glaucoma Tests Glaucoma Treatment Laser Treatment Surgical Treatment
Angle-closure glaucoma - when the iris is too close to the drainage canal (trabecular meshwork).
The management of patients with acute angle-closure glaucoma requires therapeutic interventions in addition to ocular hypotensive agents.
Glaucoma (angle-closure glaucoma): Many antidepressants, including VIIBRYD, may cause an eye problem called angle-closure glaucoma.
On the first World Glaucoma Day (March 6, 2008), leading glaucoma experts globally are asking those who may be at risk of the condition not to leave their vision to chance - with a clear message that 50 percent of people with open-angle glaucoma and more than 50 percent of people with angle-closure glaucoma are unaware they have it.
Methazolamide is indicated in the treatment of ocular conditions where lowering intraocular pressure is likely to be of therapeutic benefit, such as chronic open-angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and preoperatively in acute angle-closure glaucoma where lowering the intraocular pressure is desired before surgery.
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