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Synonyms for quoin

expandable metal or wooden wedge used by printers to lock up a form within a chase


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the keystone of an arch


(architecture) solid exterior angle of a building

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But Wilson doesn't need help to get his messages across; with his outstanding vocals he does a great job on that front, as evident on "Can I Take You Home," the beautiful love song "Without You," and "A Wonderful One," produced by Angle Stone.
But its arched stone mullion windows and coined angle stones certainly echo the Victorian Gothic design of Peter-Paul's exotic minaret-topped tower on the abbey chapel.
475 m 3 flooring, 940 m 3 flooring / trenches, 375 m sewage pipes, 2 600 m 2 paving slabs, 1 350 m 2 asphalt, 90 m concrete angle stones, 70 m concrete workbench, 16 mast / 9 bollard lights, 2,500 m 2 lawn area, 865 m 2 covering areas roof garden, 245 m 2 perennial and shrub surfaces roof garden, 220 m 2 lawn areas roof garden.
Steel and curbstones 1 250 m; Concrete pavers 4 400 m; Lawn pavement 420 m; Asphalt covering 400 m; Waterbased floor coverings 400 m; Sand cover for long jumps 28 m; Wood chips available 200 m; EPDM pads in sports surfaces 800 m; Concrete steps 26 m; Concrete angle stones 110 m; Fencing fence with wire mesh 70 m; Chain fence 45 m; Steel handrails 5 m; Concrete benches in star form as special elements 10 st .