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the angle included by a photographic lens


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Caption: Crane's Motion: as the angle of view changes, the focal point of each micro-lens sweeps across the image plane, causing the Motion effect.
And vice versa the bigger the focal length, the longer the distance between the back of the lens and the sensor, the small the angle of view.
I've learned to let go of scenes that I knew I could not fit in my fixed angle of view. After putting all efforts in capturing a beautiful scene that's impossible with what my lens could take, I just stayed still and enjoyed the view instead.
On the other hand, in an area with many moving people or objects, it requires high sensing resolutions with a wide angle of view. Furthermore, the sensor needs to examine the details of the object's surface that has been detected.
Once it is determined that the viewing angle is the flash or near specular, the technician can use the color of coating C to verify whether the angle of illumination for that angle of view is the same as the spectrophotometer.
The new camera -- the next generation of HDC series camera technology -- lets operators use the vast array of 2/3-inch ENG and high magnification and long zoom range box lenses currently used by HD 2/3-inch systems while maintaining an angle of view and depth of field that sports producers are accustomed to.
Therefore, the requirements for valid images to effectively depict the posterior fundus are a wide angle of view and a high resolution.
Experienced photographers determine the best angle of view for your photographs.
of the 90-degree tiltable LVF that "lets users enjoy a whole new angle of view
Focal Length 45 mm (equivalent to 69.3 mmIn 35mm format) Angle of view 34.7-degree Minimum FocusDistance 0.50 m Maximum Magnification ~o.12X Filter size 43 mm Dimensions 44.4 x 61.5 mm Weight 115 g Samsung said that the 3D lens attachment will be sold separately.
The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has sent us the following clarifications: The article on European standardisation Debate on special rules for ICT' in issue 4428 of Europolitics presents an interesting angle of view, yet we would like to bring the following to the attention of the readers.
A 10X binocular might give you a 6.3-degree angle of view, while a 6X might give you an 8.1-degree angle of view.
He'd bought two huge watercolours, landscapes that had been abstracted from their original forms into patches of colour that seemed almost motile, changing with each angle of view. He'd sold one but kept the other for himself.