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the angle included by a photographic lens


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Add the option of angle of view and background compression to the variables and you'll have a full plate.
On the other hand, in an area with many moving people or objects, it requires high sensing technologies with a wide angle of view.
Choosing a foreground subject becomes essential the wider your angle of view.
The dimension of these pixels determines the resolution and angle of view of projected images.
High-speed camera system or systems can be used to capture the phenomenon, or phenomena, especially camera system or systems with the angle of view up to 60[degrees].
NO matter how many match officials UEFA employ, depending on the angle of view, controversies like Arsenal's penalty against Celtic will never go away - thank goodness.
Offering a wide 7o-degree horizontal angle of view, the Canon VB-C300 PTZ Camera pans bidirectionally at ffl170 degrees, making it ideal for tight, indoor spaces.
Suited for tight, indoor spaces, the VB-C300 PTZ Network Camera offers a wide 70[degrees] horizontal angle of view and pans bidirectionally at more than 170[degrees] to deliver a total viewing angle that exceeds 360[degrees].
It has a wide 70-degree horizontal angle of view and pans bi-directionally at [+ or -] 170 degrees to deliver a total viewing angle that exceeds 360 degrees.
The endoscope has a focal length of 10mm (straight focal direction) and a 60[degrees] angle of view.
But (with the exception of Interlagos, product of an ironic face-to-face between the Caravana Obscura and a row of campers in a depot outside Sao Paulo), the space is so vast that the vanishing points have themselves vanished and it is impossible to fix an angle of view.
This, too, is a form of abstraction--my angle of view embraced a pattern created by the ends of the spools, and very little of the thread itself.
In the study, Schiler wrote that the hall sparkles in the sun and changes with every different angle of view.
Atoglas' Plexiglas EdgeFX acrylic sheet imparts dichromatic or dual-color edge effects in pairs of fluorescent colors that shimmer and change as the angle of view changes.
Externally, the bridge alters in a similar way from semi-opaque to transparent as your angle of view changes.