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(geometry) the angle formed by the x-axis and a given line (measured counterclockwise from the positive half of the x-axis)


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The influence of the angle of inclination on the fluid temperature shows that the thermal boundary layer decreases in the first region and increase in the second region with the increase of the angle of inclination of the plate.
5: Effect of heat input, angle of inclination on thermal efficiency for 25% filling ratio
A comparison of these results shows that the angle of inclination of the landfill body significantly affects the vertical deformation, decreasing the angle from 75[degrees] to 60[degrees] deformations decreased by 1 .
It is convenient for us to be able to write the angle of inclination of the vehicle body in terms of the road angles.
The angle of inclination is simply the angle between the slope line (tangent) and the x-axis, therefore a horizontal line has a 0-degree angle of inclination, and a vertical line has a 90-degree angle.
FF]--the coefficient of static friction between the drive wheels to the road surface; m - robot weight; g - acceleration of gravity; L - the distance between the axes of the front and rear wheels of the robot; B - the height of the robot's center of gravity relative to the road surface; [alpha] - angle of inclination of the surface (road) relative to horizontal surface, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], a positive value is counted counter-clockwise.
OBJECTIVES: The principle objectives of the present study are: Knowledge of the angle of inclination is a valuable aid in the diagnosis & treatment of fractures of upper end of femur.
In the sagittal plane, the neck is deviated downward relative to the talar body and makes an angle of inclination (AI).
However, photovoltaic modules in the southern hemisphere are placed facing the geographic north, and the angle of inclination should be the same as the local latitude, so that at critical times (winter solstice), there is perpendicular incidence of solar rays (GNOATTO et al.
pf], plastic moment of the flange and [theta], the angle of inclination of the tensile membrane stress [[sigma].
Figures 4 and 5 show the effect of the angle of inclination [phi] on primary velocity u and secondary velocity w, respectively.
The rolling behavior of the drum is computer-controlled with the ability to control the angle of inclination as well as variable speeds.
As shown in the diagram, the first stage is the steep angle of inclination (usually inclined 30[degrees]-35[degrees] from horizontal) that causes the material to immediately stratify due to rapid shearing.
The simulation can display paths of the projected objects according to prearranged conditions such as initial speed and mass of the object, and the angle of inclination of the cannon.
GreyStone recognized the need for log washer operators to keep output quality consistent without having to make frequent manual adjustments to the angle of inclination.