angle of inclination

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(geometry) the angle formed by the x-axis and a given line (measured counterclockwise from the positive half of the x-axis)


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Morphological characteristics of arteriovenous malformations Hemorrhage No Arterial aneurysm No 16 Yes 5 Arterial distance Long (>6 cm) 9 Medium 9 (3-6 cm) Short (<3 cm) 3 Venous dilatation No 17 Yes 4 Angle of inclination 103.81[degrees] (X[+ or -]SD) [+ or -]17.21[degrees] Drainage Deep 0 Mixed 9 Superficial 12 Yes Arterial aneurysm 13 23 Arterial distance 33 3 0 Venous dilatation 4 32 Angle of inclination 130[degrees] (X[+ or -]SD) [+ or -]13.65[degrees] Drainage 11 13 12
5: Effect of heat input, angle of inclination on thermal efficiency for 25% filling ratio
During the study we will take into account the phase loading of landfill waste layers and angle of inclination. To predict the settling of closed landfill MSW the following mathematical models were used.
The slope of a hill (rise over run, recalling junior high school algebra) can be expressed either as a percentage grade or as an angle of inclination to the horizontal.
Is metal-on-metal squeaking related to acetabular angle of inclination? Clin Orthop Relat Res 2011;469:2577-82.
The femur neck making an angle with the long axis of shaft, known as neck shaft angle, femoral carrying angle, angle of inclination, cervico-diaphyseal angle and collo-diaphyseal angle.1
It is also named as Neck Shaft Angle (NSA), Angle of neck of femur, angle of inclination, collodiaphyseal angle, cervicodiaphyseal angle and collum diaphyseal angle.
KEY WORDS: Talus, angle of inclination, angle of declination, club foot
However, photovoltaic modules in the southern hemisphere are placed facing the geographic north, and the angle of inclination should be the same as the local latitude, so that at critical times (winter solstice), there is perpendicular incidence of solar rays (GNOATTO et al., 2008), also contributing to reduce dust deposition on the surface of photovoltaic modules (HEGAZY, 2001).
For the shooting experiments were used specially made rectangular metal sheets of paper size A4 positioned immovably in the special stand, which allows to select the angle of inclination of the material samples.
In the above equation, [[tau]] refers to the elastic critical shear stress in the web, [[sigma].sup.y.sub.t] the membrane stress in the web in post-critical stage, b, web panel width, c, distance between the hinges formed in the flange, d, web depth, t, web thickness, [], plastic moment of the flange and [theta], the angle of inclination of the tensile membrane stress [[sigma].sup.y.sub.t].
Figures 4 and 5 show the effect of the angle of inclination [phi] on primary velocity u and secondary velocity w, respectively.
The rolling behavior of the drum is computer-controlled with the ability to control the angle of inclination as well as variable speeds.