angle of inclination

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(geometry) the angle formed by the x-axis and a given line (measured counterclockwise from the positive half of the x-axis)


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The extent of tension field anchored by the slab depends on the plastic hinge location, angle of inclination of the tension field, tensile strength of concrete, and the shear strength of concrete slab.
If tonnage increases, the hydraulic system automatically decreases the angle of inclination, which decreases material retention, until the proper tonnage is detected.
Of the four spinal measurements taken by the mouse, only trunk angle of inclination was associated with future dependence in ADL - defined by the researchers as either admission to a nursing home or need of home assistance after a 4.
o] inclined at an angle of inclinations [alpha] with the normal to the boundaries and taking into hall current.
As the downward angle of inclination increases from 01(horizontal) to 451, liquid separation is enhanced because downward component of inlet velocity facilitates liquid separation and lower normal velocity reduces turbulence of liquid jet impingement on the vertical branch tube.
The axis of the earth wobbles, altering its angle of inclination to the sun.
Vostok Six, travelling at a distance from earth between 113 and 144 miles, has the same angle of inclination to the equator - 65 degrees - as Vostok Five.
For a better insight in the natural convection in phase change heat transfer in an annulus, the effects of the eccentricity as well as the angle of inclination of eccentricity are considered to be of great importance.
Calculation of temperature dependence of the drum-cooler demonstrated good match with experimental curve, which had the same angle of inclination of temperature change dependence upon time.
This appeared promising, but first the students needed to link the gradient of a line and its angle of inclination.
The pattern of friction inserts can be custom designed to allow optimum covering for the angle of inclination required for either incline or decline conveyors
Averaging the angle of inclination in various aspect directions is a simplification that we do not make in our techniques.
The horizontal displacement of the top of the pier includes elastic displacement of the pier itself and the displacement of inclination of the pier caused by differential settlement of the foundation which can calculated from the angle of inclination.
These were prodigies of rationality that would have brought credit on the Bauhaus, as when Dresser calculated the proper angle of inclination for a spout.