angle of incidence

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the angle that a line makes with a line perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence

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As shown in Figure 10, all three scenarios are characterized by a near ideal 100% RRE at 0[degrees] incidence angle, which then decreases to almost null values as the angle of incidence increases.
The collector is rotated about a horizontal E-W and adjusted continuously to make minimum angle of incidence all time.
Its value depends directly on the type of the material from which the beam was reflected (color, facture, fabric) and the angle of incidence.
Reflectance displays the measurement value as a percentage relative to the selected angle of incidence.
i])], 1 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] 7, with the angle of incidence [[theta].
Once the CBFs are generated for the isolated array element, we invoke the Floquet's theorem to argue that all of the elements comprising the periodic structure must have the same current distribution, apart from a phase shift tp which is determined by the angle of incidence of the plane wave impinging upon the grating.
To best demonstrate our concept, we designed a baseline GMRF that was simple to build and provided a narrow resonance that was sufficiently sensitive to the angle of incidence.
For an electromagnetic wave incident obliquely on the most left boundary of air/layer 1 at an angle of incidence [theta] as shown in Figure 1, the reflectance R = [[absolute value of r].
This approach provides that all incident, reflected and transmitted waves are a superposition of plane harmonic waves with different frequency and angle of incidence.
The angle of emission of a photon from the source object is equal to the angle of incidence of the photon to the mirror of telescope.
A high angle of incidence provides mounting flexibility, enabling the detection of film wrapped pallets and other targets.
Aerodynamic analysis for airfoil reveals limits of performances can be obtained: the angle of incidence for zero lift ([[alpha].
Then, the effect of factors such as [mu] & [epsilon] components length of layers and the angle of incidence on the type of filters and the operating bandwidth is discussed.