angle of attack

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the acute angle between the direction of the undisturbed relative wind and the chord of an airfoil

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It was related the range of the hydrofoil angle of attack which would result in the depth of the vehicle.
5), the main advantage of the block design of wheels is that at the zero value angle of attack of the guiding wheel on the rail the flange rolls along the side surface of the rail head without sliding in resistance to rolling regime.
Four different grids (see Table 2) of the same configuration ([phi] = 45[degrees] and n = 5, angle of attack [alpha] = 60[degrees]) with different densities have been created to check the mesh convergence of the numerical results.
Rolling divergence usually occurs when the UAV is flying at a negative angle of attack. At this time, if the UAV's lateral static stability [m.sup.[beta].sub.x] > 0, it will have the lateral static stability.
The change in grid flow mode (by angle of attack) was carried out by means of stepped turn of the whole grid shroud placed in the working area of the wind tunnel.
Change the angle of attack so that the students may see how lift can be gained (or lost) by simply changing the angle of attack (yet keeping the airspeed and the distance between the fan and the wing-on-a-string frame as constants).
Staggered grids are employed and the dimensions of the cells are dependent on the angle of attack of the wing and are given by the relation [beta] [DELTA]Y/[DELTA]X.
Remember loft will make things easier and that the ball will roll more than normal when it lands; Move the ball back in your stance (middle to just right of centre for right handed players) to encourage a steeper angle of attack resulting in a downward blow on the ball; Favour your weight on your left side (right side for left-handers) approximately 60/40 throughout the swing, again to help encourage a steeper angle of attack; Open your clubface slightly as the rough will tend to close the club face at impact.
The angle between the hand and the flow direction is defined as the angle of attack (Figure 3) and the leading edge of the hand relative to the flow is the sweep back angle (Figure 4).
Model 9732-UAV can be installed virtually anywhere on an aircraft fuselage, at any angle of attack, raked forward or aft, and any orientation of the sensor air gap.
For example, they can assign independent axes for specialized plots, such as lift versus angle of attack. Results are depicted graphically and can be shared digitally, or can be printed.
The weather had rapidly degraded below VFR minimums, so Maj Carter declared an emergency and started to coordinate a rejoin with another aircraft while simultaneously climbing through 23,000' of solid weather using known pitch, power, and Angle of Attack settings.
Scraping blades imitate the action of a hand held knife, changing their angle of attack as the direction of rotation alters.