angle of attack

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the acute angle between the direction of the undisturbed relative wind and the chord of an airfoil

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Diagnostic checking of the model at levels II and III was based on the correlation between horizontal velocity of the swimmer and the model's parameters directly influencing swimming speed (Table 2): angle of attack of the monofin's entire surface, angular velocity and angle of the monofin's distal part attack.
By looking up a special database data, received from experimental and theoretical research, the dependence between the sound pressure level, vehicle velocity V, relative slip, the lateral displacement and the angle of attack [psi] can be obtained.
The flight dynamics of the aircraft depend on the angle of attack of the wing and aerodynamic features of the aircraft.
However, at an angle of attack of 90[degrees] the position with the thumb adducted presented the highest value of resultant force coefficient.
The birds' large angle of attack is needed to counteract the resulting rotational force the feet produce about the pitch axis.
His array of tricks -- stepovers and spins through traffic, the ball never leaving his foot; the feints and little touches to alter the angle of attack, the instinctive passes to set up teammates or find space for the next breathtaking maneuver.
After assessing the aircraft to be controllable, he flew a straight-in approach with the chase aircraft providing airspeed and angle of attack indications to him over the radio, and landed the crippled aircraft uneventfully.
Hubs are typically bolted to the pitch mechanism to adjust the angle of attack for wind speed and control of rotational speed, according to Lesley Travers, dean for the business and industry school.
Tenders are invited for Angle Of Attack Sensor With Heater
Those probes act like small weather vanes on the side of the aircraft and measure the angle at which the airplane moves through the air -- the angle of attack.
I calculated the net Dynamic Angle of attack for points along the leading edge of the rotors and graphed the ratio of the coefficients for each calculated net Dynamic Angle.
While there is obvious value in the AoA indicator at close to stall speeds, the SCx can also optimize angle of attack in cruise flight.
The ball position should be approximately in the centre of the stance to ensure a steeper angle of attack.
This week I would like to talk about the angle of attack when hitting long irons and fairway woods.