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an L-shaped metal bracket

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Cut the slotted angle iron to length with a hacksaw and screw the pieces to the support blocks with 1-1/2 x 5/16-in.
The mystery of why about five tons of angle irons stacked upright against a wall should have slipped on to a man and killed him, was unexplained at an inquest at Smethwick yesterday.
Sparks drizzled downward from the white canvas-enclosed area as the workers welded steel bars together, meticulously and slowly trapping the bricks behind a cage-like grid and angle irons.
A portable workstand rigged with two angle irons can deliver longer, sharper creases in flashings, with faster setup times between bends (Photo 3) than the clamped-boards method above.
Includes all wood, angle iron, lag bolts, carriage bolts and funnel.