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an L-shaped metal bracket

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Both the main post and the gear rack are solidly attached to a heavy angle iron bracket with the gear rack at the front and main post on the back.
The gear rack and pinion used to elevate the sandbag platform are also attached directly to the vertical post and angle iron bracket.
The antenna holder consisted of two 0.64-centimeters (0.25-inch) angle irons measuring 20.3 centimeters in length, a 7.6-centimeters section of 3.2-centimeters (1.25-inch) pipe, a sheet metal plate (eight by 20 centimeters), and a nut-and-bolt assembly.
A 13-centimeters section of 0.64-centimeters (0.25-inch) angle iron, welded to the top of the support, prevented the mast from falling sideways and into the bed.
A portable workstand rigged with two angle irons can deliver longer, sharper creases in flashings, with faster setup times between bends (Photo 3) than the clamped-boards method above.
Cut the slotted angle iron to length with a hacksaw and screw the pieces to the support blocks with 1-1/2 x 5/16-in.
Includes all wood, angle iron, lag bolts, carriage bolts and funnel.