angle iron

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an L-shaped metal bracket

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Install bolts through the shovel handle directly behind the angle iron to keep the shovel from moving (the shovel will only be attached by a chain at the top).
Figure 3 is a view of the angle iron at one of the corners of the insured's masonry wall.
A steel angle iron undercarriage frame was inserted into corresponding notches cut in the 2" x 8" wood floor framing and bolted in place.
They resurrected the truss frame design from the previous year's prototype, but this time they built it out of angle iron.
The ladder (usually an 8-footer) holds the opener in position while you measure for your lengths of angle iron (Photo 3).
For mounting the M12 on 800- and 900-series 5-ton trucks, you are left with two choices, ratchet straps or angle iron. NSN 3990-01-204-3009 brings straps rated for up to 10,000 pounds.
After cutting eight large 2" vent holes with the plasma torch and a 1/2" hole in the bottom to drain off rainwater, we welded some angle iron legs on the tank at 120-degree increments.
It is made in America, with standard features, including an angle shear that will shear up to 4"x4"x3/8" angle iron and a flat bar shear that can shear 3/4"x4" to 1/4"x14".
The items feature all-welded-steel construction employing one-and-one-quarter-inch-by-one-eighth-inch angle iron, and are designed to accommodate perforated and solid removable work-bearing trays that can be set on two-inch, four-inch, or six-inch spacing.
To secure those walls, spreader beams were installed across the breadth of the shell, and 6-inch angle iron was bolted to the structure where the vanishing-edge cut was made.
It includes a heavy-duty angle iron stand, magnetic starter, filter efficiency gauge, two 55 gal steel drums and an internal silencer.
With no stopping for setups or manual changes, the system fabricates round, square, rectangular, and triangular pipe as well as I and H beams, C channel and angle iron. The 64-bit NC and simultaneously-controlled 3D cutting head allow the system to perform coping in one operation.
It has a high-density 1-inch wood table with laminate surface that is ideal for strength and ease of cleaning; a 12-inch cast and machined wheel head that includes removable bat pints; electronic speed control; a one-third, six amp permanent magnet DC motor; removable legs; 3/16-inch angle iron frame; and is able to handle up to 20 pounds of clay.
Units are locked in place with steel rods running up the height of the walls, tensed by screwing bolts onto an angle iron at the top.