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either of two punctuation marks ('<' or="" '="">') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material

an L-shaped metal bracket


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Before reinstalling the engine, check the angle brackets.
Unfortunately, the same problems with inconsistent beaming of groups of eighths (this time not mentioned at all in the preface) and 6/8-style beaming in 3/4 meter recur, but the triplets, mercifully, use angle brackets.
The scribal additions, in angle brackets in the transcription, are also translated, also in angle brackets in the translation, so that readers can judge for themselves the extraneous or duplicate nature of the segment (e.
For the Greekless reader, a second edition could also include a note on the use of angle brackets.
Some push/pull clamps are available with threaded bodies for mounting through panels, plates, or angle brackets to position the handle at many operating angles.
The system of Standard Generalized Markup Language, used by the Defense Department to create computerized technical documentation, employs specifically defined symbols, usually angle brackets (|is less than~|is greater than~), to flag specific information.
Conference Chair Ken North explains it this way, "Certainly you can expect an XML conference to explain angle brackets, DTDs, and style sheets, but XML DevCon 2001 offers a much richer educational experience.
3 different types of shelves, steel blank filler panels in solid and vented styles, right angle brackets and three styles of cable managers among our many items in stock, Vericom can help bring new life to your cabinets and racks.
TOOLS AND MATERIALS: Chop saw, drill driver, jigsaw, tape measure, pencil, spirit level, string line 6in x 2in joists and beams, 100mm screws (measure up first for quantities), angle brackets (three per joist) Top Tip: To ensure you have a level surface, you can lay timber panels on the ground first to act as the foundations.
Three or more units joined vertically need to be secured to the wall with steel angle brackets for stability.
PROVIDING EASY AND STABLE J-hook installations are CADDY AFAB Series angle brackets.
Once all the runners have been screwed on to the ladder, cut the top to fit the bed frame and attach securely with angle brackets.
5 Tones Godrej make 5 star rated split AC including supplying and fixing of all accessories for installation of AC machine including making suitable frames made of fabricated MS angle brackets
The method was straightforward - drill surface holes to accommodate the pipes and taps and then exit them through the rear before securing the top two drawers shut with 'L' shaped angle brackets leaving the bottom two drawers for toiletries.
Jali sells a big range of MDF decorative pelmets from waves to drop arches that you can cut to length with a handsaw and fix with small metal right angle brackets.