angle bracket

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either of two punctuation marks ('<' or="" '="">') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material

an L-shaped metal bracket


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10 3/4-inch countersunk machine bolts (with nuts and lock washers) to attach each slide to the aluminum angle bracket, and No.
One sheet of 4' x 8' x 1/4" plywood Five 2" x 4" x 8' lengths of fir One length of 1" x 2" x 6' fir stock (stakes) One length of 1" x 4" x 8' fir stock (stakes pockets) Two 90-degree galvanized angle brackets Forty-five 1/4" x 3" galvanized lag bolts Forty-five 1/4" galvanized washers Four 1/4" x 3" galvanized bolts with washers and nuts One tube of waterproff carpenter's glue 1 lb #8 x 1 1/4" drywall screws 1 gallon of primer 1 gallon of paint 1 wheel Two 3" barrel bolts
There will be a little play in the vinyl angle bracket sleeve.
Item NSN Front pod 2510-01-016-4658 Rear pod 2510-01-016-4657 Track shroud 2510-01-102-4760 Angle bracket 5340-00-933-6954 Rear access cover 5340-01-102-4625 Rear access cover 5340-01-102-4624 Clamp 2510-01-102-6875 Barrier assembly 5340-00-559-5473 or 2540-01-256-0042 Trim vane assembly 2510-00-493-8920
Mechanics, when you replace the Paladin's weather curtain, make sure you reconnect the curtain support, NSN 5340-01-371-3595, to the gun shield angle bracket, NSN 5340-01-369-4657, right.
First make sure all the angle bracket bolts are tight, then cut the track bottoms off (Photo 1).
The angle bracket for the lever release bracket is not available.
Then, fix 3 inch angle bracket 2 inches above the window lintel and make sure you have a good fixing in straps or brick.
We show a new jig method in Photos 1 through 5, and a steel angle bracket method in Photos 6 and 7 on p.
Tenders are invited for Angle Bracket Coupling 1 Inch X 1 Inch X 60 Degree To Drg No.
Tenders are invited for Angle Bracket Coupling 1/2 Inch X 1/2 Inch X 60 Degree To Drg No.