angiotensin I

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a physiologically inactive form of angiotensin that is the precursor to angiotensin II

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Byun, Purification and characterization of angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from the rotifer, Brachionus rotundiformis, Bioresour.
No association of an insertion/deletion polymorphism in the angiotensin I converting enzyme gene with bipolar or unipolar affective disorders.
Menta, "Intrarenal conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II in the dog," Circulation Research, vol.
(29) The ACE inhibitors reduce RAS activation by blocking the conversion of Angiotensin I to Angiotensin II, leading to decreased activation of both AT 1 and AT2 receptors.
In patients treated with ACE inhibitors, angiotensin I goes up, leading to a rise in Ang-(1-7) via the NEP-like pathway.
Release of angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion: from batch experiment to semicontinuous model.
And as the name so implies, they block or inhibit the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II.
When this happens, the kidneys release renin, which activates angiotensin I. ACE then converts angiotensin I into angiotensin II, which effectively increases blood pressure to a normal level by tightening the blood vessels.
University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) has patented methods, compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and kits for the augmentation of erythropoiesis by potentiating erythropoietin-induced differentiation with angiotensinogen, angiotensin I (AI), AI analogues, AI fragments and analogues thereof, angiotensin II analogues, AII fragments or analogues thereof or AII AT.sub.2 type 2 receptor agonists as a therapeutic adjunct.
Aliskiren differs from other agents in that it targets the renin-angiotensin system at the point of activation by inhibitingreninin the synthesis of angiotensin I and II, leading to reductions in plasma renin activity, according to a statement issued by Novartis, the company that manufactures the drug.
It is cleaved by renin to form angiotensin I. Angiotensin I is eventually hydrolyzed by the angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE) to angiotensin II, which is a potent blood vessel constrictor--a vasoconstrictor.
Such a local renin-angiotensin system is likely the more important source of angiotensin II in our cultured HPAECs than is the extracellular angiotensin I contained in the culture medium.
The substrate angiotensininogen is then formed into angiotensin I, which is converted to angiotensin II via the activity of several enzymes, including angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) and chymase.
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