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about 139 extant angiospermous families from most parts of the world and
Early Cretaceous angiospermous pollen from Eren Basin,
ever-increasing case studies of apomixis in the angiospermous flora of
system is a reality for increasing numbers of woody angiospermous taxa
Potonie (1898: 217-218) suggested that, in the late Paleozoic, scrambling and climbing pteridosperms and pteridophytes have played the same role angiospermous lianas play in contemporary forest ecosystems and may thus have contributed significantly to the tropical character of the Late Carboniferous-Early Permian coal-swamp forests.
He asserted that the more specialized types of inflorescence tend to occur in angiospermous trees (even in those of relatively primitive families, such as Platanaceae and Winteraceae), a fact that he attributes to adaptive selection.