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This study also indicated that deforestation and poplar industry along habitat loss, over grazing, unawareness, annual fire practices and exploitation of medicinal plants were the major threats to the angiosperms of Rawalakot.
Furthermore, constantly increasing knowledge about the phylogenetic relationships among vascular plants, especially angiosperms (Smith et al.
The predominant ray type in Brassicales is Heterogeneous Type II (which is also the most common type in angiosperm woods).
The rapid diversification of angiosperms in the Cretaceous was a radiation nonpareil--in just 40 million years the group came to dominate global floras in both diversity and abundance (Wolfe, 1997; Crane and Lidgard, 1990).
Pit membranes of Ephedra resemble gymnosperms more than angiosperms.
Response of the pine engraver, Ips pini (Say) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), to conophthorin and other angiosperm bark volatiles in the avoidance of non-hosts.
Furthermore, among the habitats of Tehuantepec, the tropical dry forests harbor the largest diversity including several taxa of endemic angiosperm (Acosta et al.
Fossil evidence for Cretaceous escalation in angiosperm leaf vein evolution.
Using Fossils to Break Long Branches in Molecular Dating: A Comparison of Relaxed Clocks Applied to the Origin of Angiosperms.
Among plants, particularly angiosperms, the selection of a standard barcode is more difficult mainly due to the evolutionary trends of each of the three plant genomes.
Seed ferns from the late Paleozoic and Mesozoic: any angiosperm ancestors lurking there?
A further assessment of available-N status was provided by a comparison with other New Zealand forest sites on Orthic Pumice soils that supported mixed angiosperm and conifer species.
Even in Aardsmas virtual history, there would be evidence of an origin of angiosperms that would include an observable first appearance of angiosperm plants and their pollen and evidence of the proliferation of flowering plant groups over some period of virtual history.