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a rare malignant neoplasm arising from vascular tissue

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The pathology result indicated an angiosarcoma with positive surgical margins.
After that, recurrent right atrial angiosarcoma with pericardium and lung and liver metastasis were confirmed by CT scan, which complicated with massive cardiac effusion and bilateral pleural effusion.
Epithelioid angiosarcoma is a high-grade malignant vascular tumor usually located in the deep soft tissue and composed of epithelioid endothelial cells with prominent atypia, a high nuclear grade, and frequent mitotic figures.
Abbreviated 2014 ISSVA Classification of Vascular Anomalies, with examples Vascular Tumors Vascular Malformations Simple Combined Of major Associated with named other anomalies vessels Benign Hemangioma CM VM+LM Persistent Sturge-Weber (infantile) stapedialartery syndrome Hemangioma VM CM+AVM PHACE-associated Maffucci (congenital) carotid syndrome anomalies Pyogenic LM CM + VM Klippel-Trenaunay granuloma syndrome Borderline AVM CM + LM Kaposiform AVF hemangio- endothelioma Kaposi sarcoma Malignant Angiosarcoma Table 2.
In fact, a member from the angiosarcoma group commented that they have benefitted tremendously from [the pathologist's] thoughtful comments and feedback" and that they hope that more pathologists will join ..." The fact that 27% (132 of 489) of respondents in our survey believed that oncologists (not pathologists) were the doctors who made the final diagnosis of cancer indicates that there is still much work to be done regarding educating patients about the roles pathologists play in patient care.
EHE typically has a better prognosis than classic angiosarcoma, but with higher potential for metastatic disease than other hemangioendotheliomas (2).
El angiosarcoma es un tumor maligno de origen vascular, extremadamente raro, pues representa menos del 2% de todos los sarcomas (1).
In the literature, only one adrenal angiosarcoma has been reported with a similar size to our case (3).
We did not consider angiosarcoma in our differential diagnosis when we first saw the MRI scan from the patient.
Here we present two cases of radiation-induced angiosarcoma.
Moreover, the relationship between breast augmentation and angiosarcoma of the breast remains unclear, but a few cases has been reported in the literature.
Pericardial angiosarcoma is a rare form of primary malignancy of the heart.
Angiosarcoma is a highly invasive tumor with a poor prognosis.