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recurrent large circumscribed areas of subcutaneous edema

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Quincke's disease: Nonhereditary angioneurotic edema of the uvula.
Hair dye is known to cause angioneurotic edema, acute renal failure (ARF), and cardiotoxicity.
A strong case can be made that it should be used instead of an ACE inhibitor, although it is associated with some increased hypotension and angioneurotic edema.
Using the hospital information system, we identified patients with a diagnosis of T78.3 according to ICD-10 (angioneurotic edema).
At the present time, AISE is supposed to be a hypersensitivity reaction related to a variant of angioneurotic edema often associated with a hypereosinophilia in 77.8% and a hypervascularization [22].
Congenital Acquired Larynx Trauma Supraglottis thermal and chemical injury Laryngomalacia external injury Bifid epiglottis intubation injury Web Surgical Saccular cyst foreign body Cystic hygroma Laryngeal laryngocoele Tracheal Glottis Bronchial Atresia Esophageal Web Inflammatory cri-du-chat syndrome acute laryngitis vocal cord paralysis Laryngotracheobronchitis Sub glottis Web Stenosis Allergy Hemangioma angioneurotic edema Laryngotracheal cleft Trachea and bronchi Web stenosis Tracheomalacia vascular compression Mediastinal tumours Age Distribution Age Group No.
Moreover, history data on the duration of lip edema and a poor or no response to antihistamines and corticosteroid treatment failed to indicate angioneurotic edema caused by the known provoking factors (medicaments, preservations, additives).
(13-17,19) The mechanism for angioneurotic edema observed in this bird remains unexplained, although vascular permeability likely contributed to the swelling.
(4) There have also been rare case reports of rheumatoid arthritis developing in patients with hereditary angioneurotic edema. (5) However, there have been no reported cases of angioedema heralding a flare of rheumatoid arthritis.