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recurrent large circumscribed areas of subcutaneous edema

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The angioneurotic edema was less when compared with that seen in the study by Hasim et al.
Severe Angioneurotic edema and acute kidney injury occurrence testifies to the severity of intoxication and predicts morbidity and mortality.
13-17,19) The mechanism for angioneurotic edema observed in this bird remains unexplained, although vascular permeability likely contributed to the swelling.
4) There have also been rare case reports of rheumatoid arthritis developing in patients with hereditary angioneurotic edema.
Cutaneous vasculitis may be present as a significant component of many diseases such as equine viral arteritis (EVA), equine herpes virus infection, Equine ehrlichiosis, African horse sickness, Hendra disease, Venezuelan equine encephalitides, congestive heart failure and angioneurotic edema (Del, 2000).
10 Figure 1 shows one of our cases who developed angioneurotic edema after facial dermal filling of collagen-based agent.