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a tumor consisting of a mass of blood or lymphatic vessels

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Differential diagnoses for this patient included choroid plexus papilloma, angiomatous meningioma, and ganglioglioma.
Other differential diagnoses of AHE includes vascular tumors and tumor-like conditions of blood vessels, such as angiosarcoma, cutaneous epithelioid angiomatous nodule, bacillary angiomatosis, and epithelioid hemangioendothelioma.
A differential diagnosis of fungiform papilloma, inverting papilloma, and angiomatous polyp was considered.
Recurrent epistaxis is a problem occurring in angiomatous polyps which have highly vascular stoma with multiple dilated blood vessels in their pathohistological structure [5].
1%), and angiomatous or vascular changes (with a pyogenic granuloma-like appearance or a variable degree of hemorrhage) (4.
These disorders include urethral thrombosis, pseudoneoplastic lesion, lymphoma, clitoral vein thrombosis, ureteral polyps, malignant melanoma, carcinoma, intestinal heterotype, angiomatous lesions and distal urethral stenosis.
1977, Spinal epidural angiomatous malformations draining into intrathecal veins.
More limited reviews of slides were conducted for ETBE [oral cavity, uterus, and vagina (EPL 2011a)], vinyl chloride [liver tumors (EPL 2011d)], and acrylonitrile [brain/central nervous system, extrahepatic angiomatous lesions, zymbal gland, liver, and mammary gland (EPL 2012)].
15) This neoplasm predominantly comprises angiomatous tissue, which accounts for the increased vascularity and intense enhancement seen on contrast enhanced CT and MRI.
Sirenomelia with angiomatous lumbosacral myelocystocoele in a full term infant.
Upon physical exam, a hyperpigmented and angiomatous pedunculated nodule was found with hyperkeratotic surface (Fig.
Sirenomelia with an angiomatous lumbosacral myelocystocele in a full-term infant.
He was also having gigantism of his right leg and port wine angiomatous spots on his buttocks and leg.
1-6 Histologically, adrenal cysts have been classified into four groups: 1- Pseudocysts (39%) 2-Parasitic cysts (7%) 3- Epithelial cysts (9%) 4- Endothelial cysts (45%), the latter are subdivided into angiomatous and lymphangiomatous cysts.
Other factors, such as the histological subtype, tumor site, age and gender of the patient seem to have no correlation with the hemorrhagic event [2,4-6], however some authors attribute greater risk of hemorrhage to the angiomatous and malignant meningiomas [1].