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a tumor consisting of fatty tissue

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Familial cases of angiolipomas, a variant of lipomas, have reported an autosomal dominant inheritance (1).
Angiolipoma appears as a mass with a central hyperechoic portion surrounded by a hypoechoic part on the periphery on abdominal echo.
Cytological examination of the specimen showed features of hemangioma in the first sample (blood cells only), and angiolipoma in the second one (blood cells with mature adipocyts).
Benign lesions diagnosed in the study were serous cystadenoma, thymoma and angiolipoma. Non neoplastic lesions included were abscess and tuberculous inflammation.
The angiolipoma described in this case was located on the thorax and was comprised of thin walled vascular channels lined by well differentiated endothelial cells and supported by lobules of well-differentiated adipose.
The clinical differential diagnosis includes ranula, dermoid cyst, thyroglossal duct cyst, ectopic thyroid tissue, pleomorphic adenoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma, angiolipoma, fibrolipoma and malignant lymphoma.9-11 A histopathologic differential diagnosis appropriate to the oral cavity would include fibrosarcoma if spindle cells are not localized and numerous.12 Other lesions should be also considered: they include schwanoma, myxoidneurofibroma, leiomyoma, nodular fasciitis, myxolipoma, fibrolipoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma, myxoidliposarcoma, and myxoid solitary fibrous tumor.
There is a case report of treatment of an infiltrating angiolipoma with KMS with complete disappearance of mass after 6 months treatment with interferon-[alpha].
A differential diagnosis of lipoma, hemangioma, or angiolipoma was suspected.
In 1998, a group from Japan reported the first case of an angiolipoma in the internal auditory canal.
The lesion must be distinguished histologically from other tumors and "pseudotumors" such as lipoma, angiolipoma, angioleiomyoma, angiomyoma, liposarcoma, alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency-associated panniculitis, membranocystic, and pancreatic fat necrosis (6, 8, 21).
Here, the authors described one case of a hemorrhagic spinal angiolipoma with sudden onset.