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Synonyms for lipoma

a tumor consisting of fatty tissue

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Lipoma histopatolojik olarak lipoma, angiolipoma, spindle hucreli lipoma, pleomorfik lipoma, benign lipoblastoma ve angiomyolipoma olarak siniflandirilabilirler [3].
These features are consistent with a diagnosis of noninfiltrating angiolipoma.
On physical examination, the typical angiolipoma is less than 4 cm in diameter and generally tents the skin.
On a contrast-enhanced study, an angiolipoma shows marked enhancement as a result of its intense vascularity.
The average age of 14 women and 1 man with hemangiomas (13), angiolipoma (1), and angiomatosis (1) was 57 years (median, 54).
Angiolipoma was first established as a distinct entity in 1960 by Howard and Helwig.
4%) met the criteria for angiolipoma (7) Two ofthe 25 angiolipomas were microscopically unencapsulated and showed some degree of infiltration into adjacent tissues.
The diagnosis of angiolipoma can be aided by computed tomography or MRI.
Synonyms for hemangioma are benign mesenchymoma, infiltrating angiolipoma, angiofibrolipoma, hemartoma, and cavernous hemangioma.