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an X-ray representation of blood vessels made after the injection of a radiopaque substance

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I am getting progressively worse in terms of headaches" After the Daily Record intervened, both men were put to the top of the list for angiograms yesterday.
He does not recommend routine angiograms, however, which are costly and have risks of their own.
When we first reviewed our data, one of our concerns was that the injuries in our group 2 patients might have been so severe that angiograms were not deemed to be warranted despite the CT evidence of intracranial injury.
Of the patients, 40 (approximately two-thirds of available patients) had 3-month follow-up angiograms.
Coronary angiograms were as likely to be ordered for patients in the control group as in the screening group (12% vs.
Waiting times for angiograms had also been slashed from well over a year to a maximum of four weeks.
In men, the main problem may be a blockage in a large coronary artery, which shows up on an angiogram, while women are more likely to have microvessel disease that can't be seen.
I had another stress test, echogram and angiogram, and nothing showed that I had a blockage.
Because of the multiple CPT-4 codes needed for each procedure angiograms require more time and effort to code compared to other procedures.
But now patients can access this technology here it will help cut waiting times and in the long term we should be able to perform more angiograms.
Over 1 million coronary angiograms are performed in North America annually, and a significant number are interpreted as normal.
And while Ulysses with labored breath rests supine on the gurney, drawings of x-rays, angiograms, and arthroscopic videos take form (some from The History of the Main Complaint, Kentridge's 1996 video of the comatose Soho Eckstein).
AN NHS patient, desperate for a heart test before a kidney transplant,has welcomed a cash boost that will see a North Wales hospital finally offering angiograms.