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an X-ray representation of blood vessels made after the injection of a radiopaque substance

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Caption: Figure 1: Selective angiogram showing the upper renal artery with the proximal branches supplying the kidney, and the dilated distal segment with the aneurysm arising from it.
'Moreover, patients here in the Philippines with similar cardiac problems do not need to go abroad just to have procedures like angiogram, angioplasty and pacemaker insertion done.
She continued to have frequent emergency room visits and underwent testing including EKGs, troponins, and CT pulmonary angiogram of the chest, all of which were reported as unremarkable.
Sang, "Morphological enhancement of vascular angiogram with multiscale detected by Gabor filters," Electronic Letters, vol.
"When I was originally diagnosed with angina I had my flow rate measured through a coronary angiogram and expected the process to be the same, so when Dr Campbell suggested sending my CT results for Heart-Flow analysis instead I agreed right away.
[8] proposed a two step method for segmentation of coronary angiograms. In the first step image enhancement is done by multi-scale filtering technique using Hessian matrix.
Accordingly, the IVUS image and the biplane X-ray angiogram images taken with the catheter inserted show the information about the blood vessel deformed by the catheter insertion.
Patient subsequently underwent bilateral extremity angiogram and selective catheterization of the right common iliac artery via retrograde left femoral approach.
ANGIOGRAM AN ANGIOGRAM lets doctors look inside coronary arteries, to see how severely, they've narrowed, and how effectively the heart's pumping.
"However, a normal ECG doesn't rule out significant coronary heart disease and other tests may be needed, such as a coronary angiogram or an exercise ECG." (Where patients are wired up to the ECG machine while on a treadmill or exercise bike to see how the heart works during activity.) ECHOCARDIOGRAM AN echocardiogram - also known as an echo - uses sound waves to create a detailed picture of the heart, similar to ultrasound scans.
24 HOURS IN A&E Channel 4, 9.00pm Stephan, 39, is rushed to St George's with internal bleeding from his femoral artery, caused by complications following an angiogram he had the day before, and doctors are concerned his heart could be under potentially fatal strain.
None of these 609 patients, undergoing coronary CT angiogram, had any adverse cardiac event within 30 days of initial presentation, indicating statistically significant results.\
At this moment we had strong arguments for a massive pulmonary embolism, thus proceeding with a pulmonary angiogram that revealed massive thrombus in the right pulmonary artery (RAP), with occlusion of the right and medial lobar bronchi, and subocclusion of the inferior one, and also multiple thrombus in the left pulmonary artery (LAP).