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an X-ray representation of blood vessels made after the injection of a radiopaque substance

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Along with procedures like angiogram and angioplasty, implantation of these devices are done inside a hospital's cardiac catheterization laboratory.
There would need to be significant risk of a heart problem for a coronary angiogram to be carried out, says Dr Knapton.
However, remaining 38 patients who were found to have significant coronary artery disease underwent subsequent invasive coronary angiogram with view of revascularization; hence precluding those from 30 days follow up.
In the emergency room, though, a CT angiogram is a better strategy," Dr.
Clinically patient with chest pain with normal coronary angiogram are younger and lack classic risk factors for CAD.
Moreover an excellent functional class and a normal follow up angiogram at 9 months with no angiographic in stent restenosis demonstrate the safety, feasibility and effectiveness of Primary PCI in the rare patient with DC.
Concurring with the earlier assessment that an angiogram was in order, a cardiology team scheduled it for Tuesday; and, in preparation for the procedure, authorized a second round of drug therapy, ECG and echocardiogram tests and (for the eight hours preceding the angiogram) fasting.
Color-coded borders identify five categories of imaging: general, fluorescein angiogram, fundus autofluorescence, indocyanine green angiogram, and red free photograph.
His presenting hematocrit of 21% led to an additional transfusion of 1 unit of packed red blood cells; he was immediately sent to interventional radiology for an angiogram and embolization to obtain hemostasis and, by embolizing most of the tumour's blood supply, to reduce the risk of intraoperative hemorrhage.
The researchers said the findings suggest doctors must do better in determining which patients should be subjected to the cost and risks of an angiogram.
Patients were assigned to 1 of 4 groups according to CT results and angiographic findings, if any: normal CT and no angiogram (group 1; n = 12), abnormal CT and no angiogram (group 2; n = 28), abnormal CT and an abnormal angiogram (group 3; n = 9), and abnormal CT and a normal angiogram (group 4; n = 15).
I spent the whole day at the unit, undergoing extensive angiogram assessment, and both myself and the friend who accompanied me could not have received better treatment at a five-star hotel.
Unakitan was taken to Ankara's Hacettepe University hospital early February and underwent a coronary angiogram.