angiogenesis inhibitor

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a drug that is designed to prevent the growth of blood vessels that nourish tumors

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Drugs called angiogenesis inhibitors prevent the growth of blood vessels that supply tumours with oxygen and nutrients.
Karen Moulton's cardiovascular research with angiogenesis inhibitors such as Endostatin protein.
If PSA does act as a natural angiogenesis inhibitor, O'Reilly says, ``it would also make sense why so many prostate tumors are indolent,'' or slow-growing, compared with other more aggressive cancers.
Brazilian Payers Indicate that Candidates for Treatment with Angiogenesis Inhibitors Must Wait for Another Patient to Stop Therapy With These Agents Before Being Considered, According to a New Report from Decision Resources
Concerned that typical angiogenesis inhibitors might disrupt needed blood supplies elsewhere in the body, Wadih Arap of the University of Texas M.
Gail Eckhardt, an associate professor at the CUHSC and a clinician with a long-standing interest in angiogenesis inhibitors as therapies for cancer.
6 Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, she, Folkman, and their colleagues report that some of the same angiogenesis inhibitors now being tested on cancer patients prevent excess weight gain in several different strains of obesity-prone mice.
A combination of Defibrotide with (suboptimal) concentration with other angiogenesis inhibitors could reduce treatment related toxicities that have been observed in the past.
He notes that in one experiment, Friedlander's team used stem cells to deliver angiogenesis inhibitors to eye tissues.
The Company's research and development programs include growth factor blockers and angiogenesis inhibitors.