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the formation of new blood vessels

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Administration of a particular growth factor to stimulate angiogenesis in the affected tissues (or) organ and the protein therapy with single protein agent were not viable options to treat ischemic cardiovascular diseases ([3]).
With the onset of angiogenesis, cellular vascularization proceeds to invade the angioreactor, and as early as nine days post-implantation, there are enough cells to determine an effective dose response to angiogenic modulating factors.
Furthermore, they report in the July Cancer Cell, there's a correlation between Jagged1's abundance and the amount of angiogenesis in the human tumors that the researchers examined.
Data from animal models and cell cultures show that angiogenesis can be inhibited by naturally occurring physiologically active compounds.
Folkman notes, however, that autopsies find small, previously undiscovered prostate tumors in nearly half of men over 50 who die of other causes, suggesting that some natural force - perhaps an angiogenesis inhibitor - has held the tumors in check.
The Role of Accessory Cells in Tumor Angiogenesis (Takakura)
6 Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, she, Folkman, and their colleagues report that some of the same angiogenesis inhibitors now being tested on cancer patients prevent excess weight gain in several different strains of obesity-prone mice.
Tumour angiogenesis continues to be a very important target for anti-cancer therapy.
Preclinical Findings Demonstrate ACE-041 Inhibits Tumor Angiogenesis and Growth by Blocking Novel Target, Activin Receptor-Like Kinase 1 (ALK1)
While angiogenesis, the process in which new blood vessels grow from pre-existing vessels is a normal part of growth and development, it also plays a key role in the transition of tumors from dormant to malignant states, prompting researchers to explore the use of anti- angiogenesis agents in therapeutic applications.
Researchers have already identified several compounds--such as vascular endothelial growth factor, or VEGF--that trigger angiogenesis.
A combination of Defibrotide with (suboptimal) concentration with other angiogenesis inhibitors could reduce treatment related toxicities that have been observed in the past.
Some researchers are inducing angiogenesis in heart-disease patients to help them rebuild damaged heart muscle (SN: 2/28/98, p.
The study shows that the combination of INGN 241 and Avastin is very effective and blocks tumor angiogenesis - the formation of new blood vessels within a tumor - that is essential to support tumor growth beyond a minimum size.
Since formation of new blood vessels is an important facet of wound healing, the researchers tested whether leptin triggered this phenomenon, known as angiogenesis.