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Synonyms for angered

marked by extreme anger

References in classic literature ?
A BULL was bitten by a Mouse and, angered by the wound, tried to capture him.
It angered him to perceive that Rosamond's mind was wandering over impracticable wishes instead of facing possible efforts.
This coarseness of his angered her, and gave her courage.
Compared to persons low in trait anger, individuals with high trait anger (a) become angered by a greater number of things (elicitation hypothesis), (b) experience more frequent and intense anger when angered (frequency and intensity hypotheses), (c) react more aggressively when angered (aggression hypothesis), (d) cope less well with anger and express themselves in less positive ways (reduced positive coping hypothesis), and (e) experience more frequent and severe anger consequences (consequence hypothesis).
Anger mobilized all the forces for the defense with Man angered when confronted with danger and in this way he helps her maintain.