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the branch of theology that is concerned with angels

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Furthermore, to say that the Qur'an does not contain a fully developed, and fully articulated angelology is surprising, especially because "angels are explicitly mentioned 88 times in the Qur'an, 73 of which in the (mostly definite) plural form (mala'ika), 13 times in the singular, and twice in the dual--besides other-named mentions".
Talking to angels; Talking of angels: Constructing the angelology of the Book of Mormon.
David Keck, Angels and Angelology in the Middle Ages (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998), 173-174.
For the anti-anthropomorphic impulses in medieval angelology and Victorian comparative psychology, see Loraine Datson, "Intelligences: Angelic, Animal, Human," in Thinking with Animals: New Perspectives on Anthropomorphism, ed.
My brief career in the 1990s running the Judaica shop at the New Haven JCC happened to coincide with the pre-millennial rise of pop angelology in America.
But, beyond the name, there always appears in the speculation of angelology the theme of an immediately neighboring supreme Presence.
The second focuses on sixth century Alexandrian-theologian, John Philoponus, with a new look at his career, his angelology, his writing on the composite nature of Christ, his connection to Armenian religion and the context of Byzantium.
Angelology, which flourished in medieval times, (150) has increasingly been philosophy's embarrassment (151) and it has been confined to the history of ideas and scholasticism.
It is Raymond's contention that angels were not merely a residual presence in early modem England; far from weakening belief in angels, reformed doctrine and the rise of experimental science revitalized angelology.
Knowledge of angels came from many sources, and Raymond does his readers a great service in tracing the main lines of angelology from antiquity onwards.
The medical specialties offered are assisted reproduction and fertilization, holistic treatments, all forms of dentistry, various forms of cosmetic surgery, minimally invasive neurosurgery, orthopedics, eye surgery, Angelology, treatment for ParkinsonOs disease, anti-aging vaccine cell therapy, various forms of bariatric treatments, cardiology and oncology.
Scriptwriter and first-time director George Nolfi has reworked Hollywood's idea of angelology by way of Philip K.
Raymond's most eminent predecessor in the field of Miltonic angelology is Robert West, and the latter's Milton and the Angels (1955) provides the structural template for Milton's Angels.
Philip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass (2000) imagines a powerful alternative angelology in which angels are weak precisely because they do have tenuous bodies.
Likewise, both texts share common themes of redemption and resurrection, and both employ zoomorphic and angelology symbolism which contrasts the ineffable nature of God and Israel with the cyclical and transient nature of successive unjust civilizations.