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the branch of theology that is concerned with angels

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Furthermore, to say that the Qur'an does not contain a fully developed, and fully articulated angelology is surprising, especially because "angels are explicitly mentioned 88 times in the Qur'an, 73 of which in the (mostly definite) plural form (mala'ika), 13 times in the singular, and twice in the dual--besides other-named mentions".
The book is divided into three sections: the first guides the reader through Protestant angelology and human-angel interactions, which proliferated during the 1640s and 1650s; the second is devoted to Milton's angels; and the third takes up their afterlife.
Ducornet, as Hogtie analyzes in chapter three, uses paganism and angelology in The Jade Cabinet to subvert the Victorian conventions of the novel and hence the universality of instrumental reason.
s employing of her arsenal of trance, dream, chance overhearing of phrases from poems of her own and those of others, consultations in books of angelology, astrology, the Kabala, and by vigilance:
It seeks to show, in painstaking detail, that the structure of Dante's Paradiso is based in part on its angelology, and that Dante borrows this angelology from Pseudo-Dionysius, as interpreted by Albert the Great.
Angelology loomed large in the colonial imagination, and St.
The Ethiopian Jewish belief in the divine origin, supremacy, and authenticity of the Law and in the coming messiah and the messianic Era; their eschatology and vision of the Day of Judgment; their faith in reward and punishment and the resurrection of the body; their theology, which is full of angelology and demonology; their asceticism; and their possession of post-Biblical works such as the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees all reflect their knowledge of much more than the Written Law.
In the popular imagination, the occult now includes everything from Agrippa, Plotinus, and Aleister Crowley to vampires, angelology, and UFO abduction narratives.
The "seven spirits" might be the seven archangels of Jewish angelology or else the sevenfold spirit of God.
This presents an intriguing paradox: the overwhelmingly heretical treatise is, at least in its explicit statements on angelology, less heterodoxical than Paradise Lost, which, until recently and to some critics even now, is the supreme poetic statement of the orthodox Protestant faith.
In the legends of angelology, the first act of disobedience was engaged in by an angel so beautiful he was called Lucifer, a name which means light-bearer.
5) Beginning with her treatment of Rilke's sonnet "Mohammed's Summoning" in 1980, Solbrig in particular has not only pursued the question of Rilke's peculiarly "Islamic" angelology, but has also argued for the intuitive identification of the Duino-inspired poet with the desert merchant awakened by the archangel Gabriel to his religious calling.