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Synonyms for angelica

any of various tall and stout herbs of the genus Angelica having pinnately compound leaves and small white or greenish flowers in compound umbels

candied stalks of the angelica plant

aromatic stems or leaves or roots of Angelica Archangelica

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References in classic literature ?
the Lady Angelica must die--and I must not be suspected.
She would probably have known why the Italian poet makes Angelica prefer Medoro, who was a blond Chevalier de Valois, to Orlando, whose mare was dead, and who knew no better than to fly into a passion.
He raised the cover and saw a kind of greenish paste, something like preserved angelica, but which was perfectly unknown to him.
Angelicas work is held in national and international collections, and she currently has exhibitions in Denmark, the Adelaide Biennial and the National Gallery of Australia.
Angelicas Venice exhibition will be curated by Juliana Engberg.
A psychologist could have a field day with a story like this, tracing Mother Angelicas excessive need for certainty back to her tumultuous upbringing.
What he attributes to divine providence--a $2 million check coming just when the network is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, for example--could also be seen as the result of Mother Angelicas shrewd cultivation of millionaires.
16) Other examples of such love-knotted limbs can be found in the Angelicas and Medoros of Bartolomus Spranger (1582), Carletto Caliari (1590's), Laurent de la Hyre (late 1630's), and Jean Raoux (early 18th century).
Fra piacer tanti, ovunque un arbor dritto vedesse ombrare o fonte o rivo puro, v'avea spillo o coltel subito fitto; cosi, se v'era alcun sasso men duro: et era fuori in mille luoghi scritto, e cosi in casa in altri tanti il muro, Angelica e Medoro, in varii modi legati insieme di diversi nodi.