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Synonyms for angelical

Synonyms for angelical

of or relating to angels


having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub

marked by utter benignity

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Hilton glides angelically through every frame, distilling her saintly character's words of wisdom ("Some people think our bodies are like an earth suit") with minimum effort.
Hilton glides angelically through every frame, distilling her saintly character'swords ofwisdom ("Some people think our bodies are like an earth suit") with mini mumeffort.
Hilton glides angelically through every frame, while Lakin only makes an impact in the final 30 minutes, once she has shed her gross-out make-up, placing the film heavily in favour of Hilton's school of beauty.
Although Wyatt is only an infant, Crow angelically coos, "Love is letting go/And this I'll know/is you were mine/For a time." Delicate and beautiful, the song pulls at the heartstrings without snapping at the heels of schmaltz.
Brassy, British, bawdy and bright, the Bee Stings' vocalist, Valkyrie, is just as likely to throw herself out of an airplane (on purpose) as she is to croon angelically on the band's latest album.
"In those days the matter was seen in the very rosiest and angelically moral light," he wrote in 1873.
Maybe fellow celeb Scientologist John Travolta could put up my Christmas lights while Baby David Madonna-Ritchie hovers angelically over the tree in a haze of twinkly halogen.
it seems poor Joaq was a bit dazed--it wasn't Werner at all who appeared angelically to help him from his car, but rather a famous pollster frequently seen on CNN.
Sirota's willingness to concede that many Democrats are less than angelically pure on standing for the interests of working people is in some ways a useful corrective to the oft-blinkered partisanship of the blogosphere, but he takes things far too far.
While Cassandra is angelically fair and Rosalind is a "fiery dragon", both young women are prepared to thwart any dishonorable schemes Richard and Julian might employ.
His greatest work of art, of course, was himself: angelically innocent yet worldly-wise, playing to perfection the jester joking that too much solemnity missed the playfulness of God.
How can you miss with song titles like "Angelically Dusted" and "Pulvergeist?" Uh oh, it bent the needle on the sonic Doomscale.
His shrine contains black and white photographs of his two speedway heroes, Arthur Browning and George Major, whose faces gaze angelically from the middle of two yellow and red Brummies rosettes.
"Divided," as Baym puts it, "along the axis of guilt and purity, or knowledge and innocence," Hawthorne's women seem again and again to rehearse familiar stances in new contexts, angelically innocent victims of destructive male projections of purity or sin, or essentially tainted embodiments of "carnal pride" and dissenting social tendencies.