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Synonyms for angelical

Synonyms for angelical

of or relating to angels


having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub

marked by utter benignity

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ferocity / depredation and angelically / protection), they seem to resume two commonplace extremes for all animal and human - social behavior, embracing from life maximal hostility to life maximal attachment at different degrees and stages, whether in an open or a hidden attitude from one another of two ecological or social agents, and ultimately presenting a prevalence of one of the two relationships or a mere alternation of them, in a varying mix or unbalance between, whenever each of the interacting living organisms are playing alternatively a passive or an active role in one or another of those relationships at different ecological situations.
Sirota's willingness to concede that many Democrats are less than angelically pure on standing for the interests of working people is in some ways a useful corrective to the oft-blinkered partisanship of the blogosphere, but he takes things far too far.
While Cassandra is angelically fair and Rosalind is a "fiery dragon", both young women are prepared to thwart any dishonorable schemes Richard and Julian might employ.
His greatest work of art, of course, was himself: angelically innocent yet worldly-wise, playing to perfection the jester joking that too much solemnity missed the playfulness of God.
The film has high-school senior Casey (played by Michelle Trachtenberg) skating angelically on the pond outside her home while her single mom Joan (Joan Cusack) taps on the window and mouths, ``Do your homework.
His shrine contains black and white photographs of his two speedway heroes, Arthur Browning and George Major, whose faces gaze angelically from the middle of two yellow and red Brummies rosettes.
Divided," as Baym puts it, "along the axis of guilt and purity, or knowledge and innocence," Hawthorne's women seem again and again to rehearse familiar stances in new contexts, angelically innocent victims of destructive male projections of purity or sin, or essentially tainted embodiments of "carnal pride" and dissenting social tendencies.
It also links potential angels with others who may be angelically inclined.
One couldn't really see Gwyneth Paltrow, who made an angelically sparkling entrance through the paparazzi, wearing one of the outfits, even at an awards show.
Matty's story, the story of a hideous and unbearably pious simpleton, is reflected symmetrically in the story of the angelically beautiful but cynically evil twins Toni and especially Sophy, the organizers of the attempted abduction.
These are typically solipsistic, romantic dreamers who clearly have no connection with their world or their region whatsoever, and--often simultaneously--self-described topical realists whose angelically conceived political theories become mere cliches which isolate them from the real.
Not only is Clarissa figured angelically in the dream, but she embodies death-in-life.
That's a funny name, I said, and the garzone just smiled angelically and shrugged his shoulders.
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was already dead, killed by a young Orthodox Jew who smiled angelically from his cell in press photos.
As Margherita/Helen of Troy, Nelly Miricioiu, though not ideally cast vocally, sang angelically and was very moving as Margherita.