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Synonyms for angelical

Synonyms for angelical

of or relating to angels


having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub

marked by utter benignity

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No podemos dejar de vincular este pasaje con lo que hemos dicho anteriormente, ya que para nuestro trabajo es sumamente relevante: ya no solo plantea el ascenso de Henoc sino, como hemos dicho, su transformacion en una figura angelical, pero no en cualquier angel, sino en el principe de la presencia que tiene una tarea especifica por cumplir, la administracion o atencion, dia tras dia, del trono divino.
Zahide apresenta-nos, atraves da protagonista-narradora, uma menina de oito anos, a imagem de crianca nao como ser inocente e angelical, em processo de "vir-a-ser" ou um "adulto em miniatura", mas um sujeito dotado de inteligencia e sensibilidade, capaz de lidar, a sua maneira, com sentimentos e situacoes impostas pelas circunstancias da vida e pelo mundo.
it's all Christ's fault, because of his angelical good
Doug Preston, pastoral worker at the church, said: "On one occasion we lost the first two letters off our sign and became Canley 'Angelical' Church!" The church has been running for 50 years and offers a day care centre and a parent and toddler group.
Fiends Angelical (2000) also nods at belief systems, with the fearless Khobdeh ravishing in the priestess role, spinning a star-shaped web out of her subjects' symbolic blood.
"Angelical Investment's Function on Newly Set-up High-tech Enterprises and the Study on the Development of Such Investment: Take Zhejiang Province as an Example".
This finding either nullifies the disability as having sinned belief or students may have viewed W in a more angelical light as is sometimes found in the literature (Olkin, 1999).
EDP would thus double its production capacity to 2,000 MW following completion of the Peixe Angelical power plant, establishing it as Brazil's fourth biggest electricity generator.
The Peixe Angelical power station on the Tocantins river will have an installed capacity of 452 megawatts (MW) and will be completed in 2005.
Reminding us that, to this day, cognition of the angelical is "a realm that opens up unheard-of interpretive possibilities" (70), Colilli adds that such activity entails "disavowing the ordinariness and the banality of the communicable everyday routine and replacing it with the wonder of what cannot be said or repeated" (71).