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Synonyms for angelfish

a butterfly fish of the genus Pomacanthus

deep-bodied disk-shaped food fish of warmer western Atlantic coastal waters

sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do

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Angelfishes of the family Pomacanthidae are among the most conspicuous inhabitants of coral reefs, occurring in both shallow and relatively deep water.
The genus Centropyge has been traditionally defined (see Weber and De Beaufort, 1936: 159; Fraser-Bruner, 1933) as relatively small angelfishes (usually < 10 cm SL) with the following combination of features: scales large, usually 50 or less in lateral row between upper operculum and caudal fin base, arranged in more or less regular transverse rows; interoperculum relatively small and serrate, remote from suboperculum; hindmargin of preorbital free, prominently serrate or with strong spines; interorbital width equal to or less than eye; scales on operculum in five or fewer transverse rows.
The only other angelfishes seen (but not collected) at this depth were an unknown and possibly new species of Genicanthus, and Centropyge tibicen, normally a shallow reef dweller, which was common between 100-110 m.
The feeding ecology of three species of Caribbean angelfishes (family Pomacanthidae).
Sponge feeding by Caribbean angelfishes, trunkfishes, and filefishes.