angel shark

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sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do

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Jamie Sergeant with an angel shark of 30lb, while below is Gareth Griffiths with a round sting ray of 215lb.
The angel shark was categorised as critically endangered in 2010 and are now just a single step away from being declared extinct in the wild.
Wales, Aberystwyth 5 MARCH: Holyhead for "Even if people haven't ever heard of an Angel shark, we'd love them to come along and tell us about the local area - changes in local industry, fishing practices or infrastructure could all help us to fill in the blanks of the Angel shark's history and create the best plan of action to safeguard them into the future."
One of the earlier shark tracking studies was carried out by Pittenger (1984) on Pacific angel sharks, Squalina californica, off California.
"We have got the angel shark, the undulate ray, stingrays and it is probably the last refuge in Europe for a very, very rare species, the white skate, which has pretty much disappeared from almost everywhere else."
This is the first time an angel shark has given birth in captivity in the UK and, according to zoologists it is also a world first.
THE water vole, angel shark and spiny seahorse are among five new species granted extra protection in Wales.
It is now to get full legal protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, along with the angel shark, roman snail, spiny seahorse and short snouted seahorse.
The Government announced the voles, along with the angel shark, roman snail, spiny seahorse and short-snouted seahorse, will be protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
Shark Shapes--The angel shark looks like sand on the bottom of the ocean.
The angel shark and common skate, once familiar sights in fish-markets, are both now virtually extinct.
He classifies some fish by their movement, for example, "[f]ish that glide on fins like wings," and shows photographs of bat rays, the southern stingray, and a Pacific angel shark. He describes others by their overall shapes, for instance, "[f]lat fish, round fish, a very long and thin fish," and illustrates these attributes with pictures of the peacock flounder and the big skate.
Part of Team Angel Shark, Sokheng will take part in a three-day training camp in Moscow to help the players get used to Russian playing conditions and get plenty of practice with their teammates before the championship kicks off on June 12.
A diver, 35, was left with 15 puncture wounds on his hands after an angel shark attacked him in a tank at Deep Sea World Aquarium in Fife, Scotland, in October 2008.