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a light sponge cake made without egg yolks

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Texture profile analyses showed that angel food cakes made from pasteurized egg white were 10% firmer and 20% less adhesive than those made from raw egg white.
However, one objection to using pasteurized shell eggs is the belief that they will produce unacceptable baked products such as angel food cake. So, USDA-ARS scientists wanted to determine whether acceptable quality angel food cake can be made using pasteurized shell eggs.
The researchers found that modifying the mixing conditions for pasteurized egg white can result in high-quality angel food cake, thus overcoming an objection by many to using safer pasteurized shell eggs.
Is there anything dreamier than the tender crumb of a light-as-air angel food cake? I've loved angel food cake ever since I first tasted it as a child.
In the 80's, low-fat became the "healthy" battle cry, and angel food cake came into vogue, with no fat weighing it down, but plenty of white processed sugar fluffing it up.
I served it with a quick lemony glaze made from Greek yogurt that my family loves, but you can consider optional, if you are an angel food cake traditionalist.
For example, the angel food method is solely used for angel food cake, while the creaming method is used for many types of cake.
Examples of foam-based cakes include genoise, biscuit jaconde, chiffon, and angel food cake.
With the exception of an angel food cake, all cake batters are comprised of fat and water-based ingredients that would normally separate out much like a cup of oil and water.
[FIGURE 14-30 OMITTED] [FIGURE 14-31 OMITTED] [FIGURE 14-32 OMITTED] [FIGURE 14-33 OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] COCONUT ANGEL FOOD CAKE Makes one 10-inch (25-cm) tube cake Lessons demonstrated in this recipe: * How to prepare an egg foam cake using the angel food mixing method.
The research also found that cakes are most often purchased a few times a year, but everyday snack cakes (i.e., bundt cakes, jelly rolls, and angel food cakes), individual desserts, and cupcakes are purchased most frequently.
But over time, eggs can lose their ability to fluff up an angel food cake or make mayo creamy.
"If you just merchandise five or six angel food cakes, shoppers will walk by.
* A Kroger store in Forrest City, Ark., offers low-cholesterol, low-fat angel food cakes designed to look like roses for Mother's Day.
However, the brownies, angel food cakes, some pies and croissants are made from scratch in a closed prep area behind the service case.