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a light sponge cake made without egg yolks

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But some products such as canned and mushy peas, Battenberg and angel cakes, Turkish delight and tinned strawberries, might be lost to the market "temporarily or even permanently".
When my children were small, youngest son came home one day and declared that cakes and pastries had to be made for the Easter fair at the school and he had volunteered my services to make some angel cakes.
When I attended my friends' birthday parties I'd watch miserably as my peers stuffed their faces with angel cakes, chocolate fingers and mini-rolls, washed down with cola.
Powdered egg whites can be used in icings, frostings, meringues, angel cakes, frozen desserts, and fruit whips.
Angel cakes are fat-free because egg whites provide the moisture that most cakes get from shortening.
Tickets can also be collected from Angel Cakes at the Red Lion roundabout in Norton, Perfect Fit in Station Road, Billingham or Discover Stockton on the High Street.