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South American plant cultivated for its very large nocturnally fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers

a South American plant that is cultivated for its large fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers

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With subjects like daturas, or the angel's trumpets, I tend to knock them out of the pot at this time of the year, shake off some of the old compost, put in some fresh and re-pot them in the same pot.
Question: I purchased four young plants of angel's trumpets in early spring.
Angel's Trumpets (Brugmansia arborea) has a delightfully heady scent from its huge white trumpet flowers and is ideal in a conservatory, but can be brought outside for the summer.
Honeysuckle Jasmine Mock orange Angel's trumpets Rose seating Lavender path Evening bouquet Create an extra dimension in your garden with plants that scent the air.
ADD a touch of glamour to the garden with a selection of exotic-looking Brugmansia Angel's Trumpets.
ANGEL'S Trumpets (Datura, now known as Brugmansia) are exotic plants that flourish outside during the hottest part of the summer.
The gorgeous white Casa Blanca lily, flat- faced Clematis Moonlight and angel's trumpets all make eye-catching features.