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Synonyms for anfractuous

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

not taking a direct or straight line or course

Words related to anfractuous

full of twists and turns

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Innovative anatomists such as Thomas Willis had opened out the brain and nervous system to disclose a landscape as wild and intricate as anything to be found in the outside world: Willis refers to 'the anfractuous or crankling brain, like a plot of ground, planted every where with nooks and corners, and danks and mole-hills'.
Description: Marcescent tree to 20 m tall, with anfractuous branches.
Through a juxtaposition of excerpts from Proust's work with materials from pivotal cultural moments of the fin-de-siecle, such as the Dreyfus Affair, I underscore how medical and political currents influenced Proust's conceptions of lesbianism and were anfractuous means of referencing contemporary social concerns.
He looks at the often anfractuous paths a bevy of words have taken to their present English senses--and many of them, just like many Canadians past and present, started their journeys somewhere else altogether.
He added that the CM's appearance before the SIT in spite of the petition -- which sought quashing of the very order which resulted in his quizzing by the SIT -- would render the plea anfractuous.