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Primary aneurysmal cyst of soft tissue: report of a case with ultrastructural and MRI studies.
Aneurysmal cysts feature blood-filled cavernous spaces lined with fibroblasts and 0 steoclast-like giant cells; they are rarely seen in nasal bone.
Table 3 Comparison of Some Different Benign Bone Tumors Unicameral Bone Aneurysmal Cysts Cysts Incidence Children and adoles- Children and adoles- cents; more common cents in boys Common Sites Diaphysis of the femur Long bone metaphyses and humerus or diaphyses, scapula or pelvis Radiologic Appearance No periosteal reaction Eccentric expansion of unless there has been the bone; thin a pathologic fracture periosteal response or buttress Giant Cell Tumors Incidence Ages 20 to 40; twice as many women as men Common Sites Long bone articulating heads, proximal tibia and humerus, distal femur Radiologic Appearance Radiolucent lesions with- out sclerotic margins or periosteal reaction