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Synonyms for aneurismal

relating to or affected by an aneurysm

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The "clotted, swollen, aneurismal sign" of "an old sin," of an "old lust.
intimal hyperplasia, steal syndrome, central stenoses, hypercirculation, aneurismal formation, and sheaths
Plain films sometimes demonstrate an AAA unexpectedly when an aneurismal dilatation is outlined by aortic calcifications.
But in patients with an aneurismal pattern, repeat angiography has a yield of about 20% and can be important because such patients have about a 10% chance of rebleeding.
the aneurismal bag and that sac had ulcerated into the intestine.
Numerical Simulation of Flows in a Pipe with an Aneurismal Sac (Effects of Aneurismal Models and Stents)
2008) of caring for the study; semistructured aneurismal interviews with 18 subarachnoidea nurses.
Primary aneurismal bone cyst of soft tissues (extraosseous aneurismal cyst).
Differential diagnosis includes giant cell reparative granuloma, cherubism, true giant cell tumor, aneurismal bone cyst, and solitary bone cyst (61.
The salvage of aneurismal fistulae utilizing a modified buttonhole cannulation technique and multiple cannulators.