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Synonyms for anestrous

of or relating to anestrus

(of lower mammals) not in a state of estrus

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(11) studied the effects of genistein on pubertal development in female rats and found that genistein advanced pubertal onset and induced premature anestrous in the animals via the hypothalamic kisspeptin signaling pathways.
As female agoutis do not experience lactational anestrous (Guimaraes et al., 2009), we considered that lactation may not be as important for nutrition and survival of newborn agouti.
(1997) that anestrous (38.6%) as major reproductive problem in crossbred cattle in the province Balochistan and this was observed during the months of decreasing ambient temperature i.e.
Studies performed in our laboratory also suggested the lack of differences in basal plasma ACTH and cortisol concentrations between midlactating and anestrous or postweaning sheep [28, 29].
Tomaszewska-Zaremba, "Effect of LPS on reproductive system at the level of the pituitary of anestrous ewes," Reproduction in Domestic Animals, vol.
1a), in the anestrous stage the parabasal cells were more prevalent than the other cell types (H: 107.68, p 0.0001).
Oxidative status and some serum macro minerals during estrus, anestrous and repeat breeding in Cholistani cattle.
RUBIANES, E.; IBARRA, D.; UNDERFELD, R.; CARBAJAL, B.; DE CASTRO, T Superovulatory response in anestrous ewes is affected by the presence of a large follicle.
anestrous (non-menstruating) females and females with cystic
This includes animals within 6 to 7 days of a previous heat, prepubertal heifers and postpartum anestrous cows.
This fully supports the results of studies carried out on anestrous ewes when an immune stress decreased the amount of GnRH-R mRNA in the AP [1].
Rodriguez-Martinez, "Biostimulatory effects of estrous cows and bulls on resumption of ovarian activity in postpartum anestrous Zebu (Bos indicus) cows in the humid tropics," Theriogenology, vol.