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A significant negative correlation was also observed between HR and LVdD when the animals were anesthetized with K/X (r = -0.7; P = 0.01), Figure 3B.
Raichle and his coworkers also observed two other networks active in anesthetized monkeys.
If a pelvic examination(s) that is planned for an anesthetized woman undergoing surgery offers her no personal benefit and is performed solely for teaching purposes, it should be performed only with her specific informed consent, obtained when she has full decision-making capacity.
For Heinz Lienhard, president of the STS, it doesn't take a scientist to figure out that animals suffer during slaughter when they are not anesthetized. "Anyone who sees a video of these animals as they are slaughtered will quickly come to the common sense conclusion that the animals suffer," he says.
Menhaden blood was collected with heparinized capillary tubes from the tail vein of animals anesthetized with 150 [micro]g/L MS-222 (Sigma Chemical Company, St.
Organ donors should be anesthetized against possible pain, even after they have been certified brain dead,
So, here's the history of long term care in a nutshell: The government anesthetized the public to the cost of long term care by providing free nursing home care through Medicaid and extended home health benefits through Medicare.
The final step is to apply the absorbent tip on a portion of the patient's skin to be anesthetized and cleansed while holding the portion of the packaging covering the swab member.
Objective: To compare intraosseous pentobarbital treatment (IPT) and thoracic compression (TC) on time to circulatory arrest and an isoelectric electroencephalogram (EEG) in anesthetized passerine birds.
Trimetazidine is a widely used anti-ischemic agent, but its effect on myocardial preconditioning in anesthetized animals has not been investigated.
Flamarique and a colleague anesthetized seven razorbacks, moved their eyeballs to the rolled position, and dipped them in the Colorado River.
Examination with the rigid scope was conducted initially with minimal topical anesthesia because the patient was scheduled to perform the following evening and she did not want to be anesthetized heavily, fearing chemical irritation.
Snapshots and drawings having the rawness and tentativeness of experiments rather than the more complex imagery of the larger works nonetheless by their passive, somewhat anesthetized subjects, skewed angles, or provocative colors, affix aspects of Beecroft's main theme.