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Phenol or a tetracaine-based solution can be used to anesthetize the tympanic membrane, after which the vent tube can be inserted directly over the round window niche.
They covered the use of lasers to remove decay and stains from teeth, to remove soft tissue in the mouth, to perform root canals and to decentralize and anesthetize teeth.
Currently, scientists must immobilize and anesthetize rats to inject dyes into single neurons and observe subcellular activity through a hole in the skull.
We were very happy that we were able to make the diagnosis without having to anesthetize the child.
He needed to anesthetize them to transfer them from a petri dish to a vial to bring them back home, where he conducted his research.
The other three smaller shielded needles are used to anesthetize the tissue at the puncture site.
Milestone is the developer, manufacturer and seller of The Wand(R), a virtually "painless" and safe injection system enabling the healthcare practitioner to more quickly and effectively anesthetize patients.
The control regimen consisted of a sham injection, meaning the treating physician prepares and anesthetizes the patient's eye but does not perform an injection.
Oraqix is delivered to the treatment site without the use of a needle and anesthetizes the site within 30 seconds for a period of approximately 20 minutes.