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Ironically, while there is quite a bit of medical debate about whether the fetuses the pro-lifers want to anesthetize really feel the pain ascribed to them, there is no debate about the pain felt by newborns in many routine hospital births, Cooper points out.
My obsession with running helped to anesthetize my mood.
Milestone's STA system is designed to allow dentists to immediately administer the periodontal ligament injection, to anesthetize a single tooth, without first administering a mandibular block that anesthetizes an entire quadrant of the jaw.
This solution will anesthetize the tympanic membrane in 10 minutes and will last for several hours.
We can and have scanned young children, without having to anesthetize them, many claustrophobic and elderly patients, as well as large and overweight patients.
Tubing extension: Available in a 6" extension with a built-in stylet, allowing drug delivery in difficult-to-reach places and deep into the hypopharynx to anesthetize on top of the vocal folds.
Currently, scientists must immobilize and anesthetize rats to inject dyes into single neurons and observe subcellular activity through a hole in the skull.
We were very happy that we were able to make the diagnosis without having to anesthetize the child.