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Art, as the majority of products stemming from the anesthetization of reality, is an object of desire for those who have already satisfied their material needs.
Religion, by definition, anesthetizes reason, and those who believe the application of compassionate reason is the best way to help others should point out such anesthetization whenever it occurs, especially when everyone's watching.
For the verification of guide cannula placement into lateral ventricles, two methods were used, (i) the presence of cerebrospinal fluid in guide cannula was confirmed and (ii) at the completion of each experiment, intracerebroventricular injection of methylene blue5 ([micro]l/rat) was followed by anesthetization of rats by pentobarbital.
It focused on the safety protocols of children anesthetization, organ transplant and pain treatment.
The collection is divided into four sections, covering architecture, identity, and place, modernity, cinema, and cityscape, art, politics, and imaginative geographies, and history, anesthetization, and globalization.
To evaluate by histopathology, mice were sacrificed after 21 days following anesthetization by injection of ketamin and zylasin.
For the first time in nearly quarter of a century the anesthetization device was pulled out of the patients at the operation room, he declared.
The effect of preslaughter temperature, stress, stuggle and anesthetization on color and textural characteristics of turkey muscle.
Following anesthetization, a small incision over the posterolateral aspect of the lower hindlimb was made, exposing the plantaris, soleus, and gastrocnemius muscles, as previously described (12).
The insects were anesthetized with carbon dioxide gas for 30 s, and were kept in a freezer at -18[degrees]C for 2h before use because anesthetization alone did not keep the insects inactive long enough for the permittivity, and MC measurements.
This is also observed when the animals experience the most intense effect of the drug, showing high levels of anesthetization.
Our study also backs the clinical impression that a more precise prediction of emergence time is possible following anesthetization with sevoflurane than propofol.