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This study was undertaken as a first step toward using anesthetization for mass rearing by evaluating the response of T.
As Slawek argues, Bartleby challenges human attempts not only at anesthetization of life, but generally the attempts transforming reality into a semiotic system; Bartleby is the reason why "the rational control over reality gives way to a vision of a world as a mysterious challenge" (2009: 135).
Individuals were anesthetized in 17%o artificial seawater with 125 mg/L MS-222 neutralized with sodium bicarbonate for 3-13 minutes; the time to anesthetization increased as size of fish increased.
5], after anesthetization with pentobarbital sodium (35mg/kg ip injection) hearts were excised, placed inice-cold saline, and rapidly hung by the aorta on the cannula of Langendorff apparatus.
Efficacy and physiological responses of rock bream, Oplegnatus fasciatus to anesthetization with clove oil.
Under the accord, Bahrain will provide Jordan with its actual needs of medical, nursing and technical specializations such as anesthetization, radiology, respiratory therapy, first aid, and rehabilitation.
Because dying in either of the ways described above would be excruciating, and because proper anesthetization is critical in avoiding such results, the importance of ensuring that condemned inmates are sufficiently anesthetized cannot be overstated.
When approaching from the ulnar side, the tip of the needle is inserted deep to the flexor carpi ulnaris tendon, roughly 6 cm proximal to the wrist crease (this will ensure anesthetization of the nerve before the palmar cutaneous and dorsal radiations branch off).
It is advised that the instructor practice anesthetization in Tricaine before the exercise so he/she knows when the fish is adequately sedated.
Following anesthetization blood was collected using heparinised syringes.
2] anesthetization, as used to attach radio-transmitters (Janowski-Bell & Horner 1999) or insert transponders (Reichling & Tabaka 2001).
Captured birds (2 males, 1 female) were held in captivity for 302 [+ or -] 80 (SD) min, which included 71 [+ or -] 5 min of anesthetization and 33 [+ or -] 9 min of surgery.
To collect saliva in a capillary tube, we need to subject the mosquito to traumatic manipulations that may affect salivation, such as anesthetization or immobilization by removal of the legs and wings.
Animals were refrigerated at 4 [degrees]C for one hour prior to anesthetization to decrease their metabolism.