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As the results indicated, compared with the control group, the gain in body weight was significantly reduced in the Acu + H89 and FLX + H89 groups' pre-experiment (P < 0.01; P < 0.01), which might be due to the anesthetization during ICV catheterization surgery disturbing the regular diet order.
Ana-the-child-soldier's anesthetization to fear later mutes her grown-up identity.
Under complete anesthetization by inhaling 1-3% isoflurane and 40% oxygen during surgery, a 3 cm midline laparotomy on the anterior abdomen was made in the rats.
An intra-abdominal adhesion may have restricted motility in the slow postoperative recovery of intestinal function caused by injury from the abdominal operation and anesthetization [39].
After anesthetization in week 8, all knees of treated rats were scanned using micro-CT (the micro-CT was provided by Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences, CAMS & PUMC) (Inveon CT, SIEMENS, Munich, Germany) with voltage 70 kV, current 142 A, exposure time 1475 ms, 1-mm aluminum filter, 0.5[degrees] rotation steps, and 18 [micro]m resolution.
After anesthetization, fish were dissected and desired organs namely stomach and intestine were taken immediately and fixed in respective fixatives prescribed for histological, scanning and transmission electron microscopic study.
Requiring "the amputation of one's own intimate nerves" (Das 2005, 175), the nurses' psychological anesthetization can be read as analogous to the lasting damage suffered by the soldiers themselves.
I think the deal will lead to anesthetization of the disagreements in Sulaimani instead of providing a solution to the crises.
Mice were euthanized by anesthetization with urethane (1.3 g/kg) followed by exsanguination in the laboratory between 1000 and 1200 hours.
Briefly, 10% chloral hydrate was intraperitoneally injected at 3.5 mL/kg for anesthetization. The skin was cleaned with iodine solution and a cervical midline incision was made.
During the experiment, the mortality was recorded daily and fish in each aquarium were counted and weighed individually at biweekly intervals after anesthetization for 2.5 min in water that contained 0.4 g L-1 tricaine methanesulphonate (TMS) and 0.8g L-1 sodium bicarbonate as a buffer.
In a separate study, cannulas were surgically inserted into the bile duct of three rats after anesthetization. Bile samples were collected predose and at 0-24 h post-dose.
An emerging shift in secularism that is dismantling the absolute authority of rationality has resulted in an epistemological shift: from centres of thought that contributed to an anesthetization of life to the emergence of spaces for thought that prioritizes the building of wholesome communities in which all people and creation in general are valued.
Religion, by definition, anesthetizes reason, and those who believe the application of compassionate reason is the best way to help others should point out such anesthetization whenever it occurs, especially when everyone's watching.