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It has been recommended by several researchers as a suitable anesthetic agent for birds.
The anesthetic agent also had no effect on the QT interval, QTc, or Tp-Te/QT and Tp-Te/JT ratios during anesthesia.{Table 1}
There are limited numbers of studies on this subject, but in the light of our results, we hypothesize that for the pain associated with injection, the volume effect produced by the anesthetic agent in the injection area could be more important than the type of agent used.
Midazolam and fentanyl were used in most subjects in conjunction with the anesthetic agent of choice.
However, despite the frequent use of local anesthetic agents in this branch of medicine, the education practitioners receive about this topic is insufficient.
Local anesthetics were commonly used as spinal anesthetic agent but since a decade various studies found that spinal anesthesia with intrathecal 5% heavy lignocaine showed transient irritation, neurological symptoms, and severe leg pain.
All patients had a free medical history and they were not sensitive to any anesthetic agent or its conservative and they were not taking any medication that may affect the response to the local anesthetic agent.
Although this agent has strong analgesic potency strength, it is a weak anesthetic agent and may be insufficient in patients with high anxiety levels.
The rising awareness amongst the physicians about the various factors that affect patient outcomes, such as the choice of anesthetic drug, the appropriate route of administration, and the right dose of the anesthetic agent, as well as the monitoring of the depth of anesthesia is likely to accelerate the growth of the market during the forecast period.
In general, crabs may be anesthetized by exposure to the gaseous anesthetic agent, by immersion in a solution or by injection.
The veterinarian often begins general anesthesia by administering an injectable short-acting anesthetic agent. When the cat loses consciousness, a soft plastic endotracheal tube is inserted into the windpipe and connected to an anesthesia machine.
The drug, a dissociative general anesthetic agent that blocks dopamine intake, currently is a schedule III controlled substance in the United States.
Propofol is a non-cumulative intravenous anesthetic agent having rapid onset and recovery producing smooth induction and requires intermittent injections for maintenance of anesthesia (Muir et al.
The next break through was the discovery of a volatile anesthetic agent by a Botanist Valesus Cardus in 1540 by the name ether.